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“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine”


You were born a masterpiece as is evidenced in your uniqueness and magnificent body constitution. However, to manifest in your experience and to the world the masterpiece that you are, you must make each day a masterpiece. Time is the currency of life and how you use time will determine your usefulness in life or lack of it.

Time is segmented into three parts:

Yesterday (the past) – in the tomb

Today (the present) – in the moment

Tomorrow (the future) – in the womb.

Unfortunately, many people dwell on yesterday (the past), minimize or neglect today (the present) and are anxious and dreadful about tomorrow (the future) which results in a failure-laden life.

In reality, today is the available day given to you as a gift to change your life and keep it changed. How you spend the 24 hours in a day determines the course of your life and the outcome of tomorrow (your future). In other words, the future is NOW!

The future is in the preparation process which is in the use of the 24 hours allocated today –every day. Success or failure doesn’t just happen in life – it’s a process that takes place and accumulates one day at a time. Everyone prepares for something – success or failure. You get out of life what you prepare for. What you prepare for is a reflection on how you use the 24 hours each day of your life through your decisions and habitual actions.


Life is an arena of decision making which in turn makes or mars destiny. Good decisions produce the good life and a remarkable destiny.  However, good decisions alone are not sufficient just as intention without corresponding action yields no benefit.  

Discipline is what it takes to make good decisions a reality in our lives which accrues rewards. Highly disciplined people are usually highly successful people. We must know the good decisions to make daily and we must have the discipline to follow through and manage the good decisions daily.

“You don’t make decisions because they are EASY

You don’t make decisions because they are CHEAP

You don’t make decisions because they’re POPULAR

You make decisions because they’re RIGHT”

  • Theodore Hesburgh, former president of Notre Dame University).


  • Develop and maintain a Positive Mental Attitude daily.
  • Think through and set your priorities right and act daily on what really matters in the long term rather than on the trivial things of life.
  • Develop and maintain healthy habits daily.
  • Connect with and care for your family daily.
  • Think good thoughts daily.
  • Make, manage and grow your finances daily.
  • Deepen your faith and love for God and your love for people- Imitate Christ daily.
  • Initiate and invest in healthy and worthwhile relationships daily.
  • Plan for and model a generous life daily.
  • Set and practice living out good values daily based on eternal principles.
  • Engage in continuous self-improvement daily – plan and execute your personal growth daily.

In case your day falls to pieces, don’t lose your peace rather gather up the pieces and shape it into a masterpiece because there’s always something terrific even on a terrible day if we could only glean from the experiences the lessons it conveys in order to begin the next day on a clean slate.

  • Your daily agenda determines if your destiny will be endangered or engendered in a remarkable and rewarding life.
  • Today’s actions prepare you for tomorrow’s reality.
  • Daily self-improvement makes for quantum leap progress.
  • You don’t need permission to take initiative rather you require a sense of mission in taking initiative.
  • Initiative initializes peak performance.
  • Your willingness to accept to take responsibility and engage in appropriate actions when required is your engagement with success and opportunity for growth.
  • When you try new things it opens you up to new opportunities.
  • When you move out of your comfort zone you set the tone for your growth.
  • Volunteering for tasks steers you into advancements.
  • Your daily pursuit determines your suit in the domain of life.
  • Take charge of your career to change your financial fortune.
  •  When you get busy on your key tasks you won’t get nosy and you will bask in becoming a key player in your industry.
  • Work faster, move faster, decide faster and get on with the task and you will succeed faster.
  • When you develop a sense of urgency you will live in a state of congruency that forestalls giving into a state of complacency.
  • Longer hours of uninterrupted work time usually yield a longer flow of uninterrupted productivity which produces uninterrupted increases in success quotient.
  •  Get in early and stay late if you want to succeed early and stay at succeeding.
  • What you put into the hours during your work day rather than merely the hours you put in determines your career advancement.
  • Set your own schedules and you will create scheduled successes.
  • Do the important things and you won’t get warped up in unimportant things that fling out failure.
  • Concentrate on your area of excellence and you won’t denigrate your competence.
  • Bunch your tasks and you will crush inertia and deliver at crunch time.
  • The advantage of today is that today is the available moment to rewrite the narrative of your life story and change your course through your actions.      

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