SUPERCHARGED! What True Love Looks Like

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Who are the people that have made the most or the greatest impact or influence in your life?.

Did they really love you?

Sure, without mincing words your answer will be a resounding Yes.

No room in your heart doubt his or her love for you.

You see, contrary to popular belief, Love is Not Sex and Sex is Not Love. Sex is what it is. Sex is a product of hormones. Sex could be fueled by Love or Lust – depending on the consciousness the individual functions from.

Here is what the System of Love represents:

The cost of love is sacrifice; the strength of love is truth; the dignity of love is respect; the benefit of love is benevolence; the foundation of love is purity; the effort of love is commitment. And it is on the scale of love that success is weighed.

Your life can never be magnificent until your love is magnificent.

 Your entire life is shaped and formed by your ability to give and receive love or by your inability to give and receive love.


What does love mean to you?

Do you refer to love as an emotion or feeling? Are you quick to express love in words rather than action?

What True Love Looks Like

Love is an action word – love is a decision we make to act in the highest good of another it makes no difference how we feel.

Love sees a need and meets it.

 Love is sacrifice.

 Love is grace extended.

 Love is mercy poured out.

 Love is kindness expressed.

Love is giving without drawing attention to yourself.

 Love is compassion at its best.

Love is always focused on doing good for others.

Love is living beyond yourself.

 Love is humility uncovered.

Love is courage on display.

 Love is all-inclusive – it does not segregate nor is it cliquish.

 Love uplifts.

 Love elevates.

Love adorns.

 Love beautifies;.

Love reaches out

 Love lavishes care

 Love is tough but not rough

 Love is disciplined but not hardened

 Love is believing the best of every person

Love is patient in the process.

Love is respect for it honours all men.

 Love sees what the person could be

 Love enables

 Love empowers;

 Love forgives;

Love simplifies life and amplifies the strength of others;

 Love praises

; Love appreciates;

 Love is selfless

Love rejoices over the successes of others

True success can be found in the heart where love is found. Power fades where love fades. Authority weakens when the strength of love weakens. Power is the offspring of the potency of love.

Excelling in love is the gateway to excelling in all areas of life. Your commitment to the love walk is the greatest commitment for your life to work.

True love is God in you expressing Himself through you for the highest good of another.

When love becomes your greatest pursuit legacy is birthed. – a legacy that represents what you leave in people which time cannot erase.

The Game Plan:

Do this without asking what’s in it for me? Do this without strings attached and most of all do this especially for someone who will never be able to repay you.

Let’s go!

  1. Who can I encourage today?
  2. Whose life can I improve today?
  3. Who can I build today?
  4. Who can I help succeed today?
  5. Who can I bless or give favors today?

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