The presence of fear is the absence of the belief in the Divine. When you know and believe that God cares, you will cast your cares upon Him and cease from living in fear, and when you cease from living in fear you will seize the courage in living your dreams. When we place our confidence in God we displace the cohorts of fear from our lives. To trust in God is to trash out fear. As God is alive our faith should be alive in Him which disarms all fears.

We are living in a universe of infinite possibilities and to release our faith is to attract infinite possibilities to us. When faith exists in the heart, fear exits. Faith vanquishes your greatest foe-fear. Until fear is vanquished it will banish you out of the land of your dreams. To triumph against all odds, your faith must triumph over all fears.

When you’ve reached your limits remember, God has no limits and we can count on Divinity within, to live life without limits if we will not reach down in fear and live within the limits of fear. Fear makes us live in limitation which produces a life of imitation. When you live in the consciousness of the Divine Presence within and with you, the presence of fear will be displaced. When you know that you are not alone, that God is with you, this alone will birth a courage that is undefeatable. God’s word is the assurance you need to shut out fear from your mind and it is the insurance you need to shoot you into the realms of faith.


When doubt steps in, faith steps out; and discouragement sets in and fear sets up a downward spiral of failure. Faith sees the invisible but fear sees the visible; faith receives the impossible but fear revokes the possible.  Faith charts the course for success. Faith unifies all good towards you. Faith is invincible. Fear divides and subtracts from all good. Fear is divisible. Faith integrates; fear disintegrates. Fear is being subject to our feelings; faith is being subject to our convictions. Your courage defines the strength of your personality and your courage reflects the strength of your character.

Faith is life saving and life sustaining. Fear is life-draining and self-destroying. Divine Presence presents faith into our hearts and prevents fear from dwelling in our minds. When you focus on God and how good He is, your life becomes a force for courage to thrive and fear is forced out of your life.

God is absolute so your faith in Him must be resolute.



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