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What would be the most important day of your life?

 Would it be the day you got married to the man or woman of your dreams?

Would it be the day you finally make it big in financial terms? Whatever the big may mean to you.

Would it be the day you make it to the top of your game or in the space where you love? Whatever the top may mean to you.

Whatever it may be, I bet it would be a memorable day. Sure your desires are valid whatever they may be.

Can I introduce the particular day that you cannot trade it for silver or gold?

Someone once said, “There are two great days in a person’s life; the day you were born and the day you discover why” Wow! That’s true.

Yes, we all know our birthdays – the day we were born and we often do celebrate it in some way. However, do you know why you are here? Do you know the Purpose of your life?

Here’s the catch: knowing why you are will influence your entire life: Life takes on a whole new meaning.


Creation does not contain meaning. Meaning is contained in the Creator. And meaning is wired into creation but it takes creation losing self in the Creator to find meaning.

When creation becomes consummated in the Creator; creation discovers identity; meaning; purpose; significance and destiny.

Let’s get to define “Why you are here”- Purpose

Purpose is becoming who you were created to be; doing what you were created to do; and having what you were created to have within a specific timeframe that if well understood and harnessed could influence your generation and the generations to follow.

Functioning in your Purpose is living in your Power-place;

Permit me to unravel your Power-place:

The place of purpose is your Power place:

–         It is the place where excitement overflows – you greet each day with excitement for the gift of life and another day to contribute to life.

–         It is the place where ideas abound – you stay late at night working on ideas, eager to implement them.

–         It is a place of servanthood; you serve humanity with your gifts and talents.

–          it’s a place of leadership; you influence the world with the investment of your personality and impact.

–          it’s a place of joy; your heart overflows with joy for living to give.

–         it’s a place where you are celebrated; your heart abounds with gratitude for the privilege of living to love.

–          it’s a place of fulfillment; you are content with the quality of your life.

In the place of purpose, there are many rooms of service but there is no room for comparison, criticism, and competition.


–         What can you instinctively do that makes you distinct from others? In essence, what talents, abilities, and skills do you have that flow naturally from you?

–         What can you do best which is a struggle for others? What do you love to do which can make a difference in life?

–         What did you love doing as a child? What were your childhood dreams and inclinations?

–         What would you do if money were not a factor?

–         What would you do for free and yet could also be paid?

–         What if all occupations earned the same amount of money which work or occupation would you choose?

–         What brings the greatest excitement in so much that work becomes play and play becomes work?

–         What do you engage in that you lose count of time?

What burns as your passion is what you were born to do. What you are absolutely excellent at doing is what you will excel at.

Continuous improvement and consistency in your key skill areas over the long haul leads to the hallmark of mastery or peak performance.


1.     Verbal Intelligence

2.     Mathematical Intelligence

3.     Physical Intelligence

4.     Musical Intelligence

5.     Visual-Spatial Intelligence

6.     Interpersonal Intelligence

7.     Intrapersonal Intelligence

8.     Entrepreneurial Intelligence

9.      Intuitive Intelligence

10.    Abstract Intelligence.

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