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“The greatest revolution of my generation is the discovery that by changing the inner attitude of your mind you can change the outer aspects of life.

  • William James.

Once upon a time, a balloon salesman was selling balloons on the streets of New York City. Strategically, when business got a little slow he would release a balloon. And as the released balloon floats in the air a fresh crowd of buyers would gather and business would improve for a few minutes. He alternated the colors; first, he released a white one, then a red one, and later a yellow one.

A little African American boy was watching and afterward, he looked the salesman right in the eye; and asked a revealing question: “Mister if you released a black balloon, would it go up?” The balloon salesman looked at the little boy and with wisdom, compassion, and understanding responded, “Son it’s what’s inside those balloons that makes them go up!” Wow!    

It makes no difference your gender, race, ethnicity, age, status, the opinion of others towards you, and outward circumstances; what will take you up and keep you up is what’s in you – Attitude.

Attitude is a magnetic energy that attracts according to its kind. A positive Mental Attitude is the energy required to ascend to the peak of your destiny. A negative Mental Attitude is an energy that keeps people grounded in a life of frustration and despair. A negative Mental Attitude also pulls down from the top to the bottom. Hence, a Positive Mental Attitude must be acquired and sustained in order to gain heights in maximizing destiny.


An individual with a positive mental attitude looks at a half glass of water and says it’s half full. Another individual with a negative mental attitude looks at the same glass of water and says it’s half empty.

You see the issue is not with the half glass of water rather the issue is with how the half glass of water is perceived in the mind. The same circumstance but a different outlook solicit different responses and the response determines the outcome experienced by each individual. You do not really believe what you see rather you see what you already believe. And what you believe (true or false) becomes your reality.



The Stanford Research Institute asserts that the money you make in any endeavor is determined only 12.5 percent by knowledge and 87.5 percent by your ability to deal with people. This invariably implies that People’s Knowledge is highly critical to success than Product Knowledge or facts.

A self-serving or selfish attitude is most detrimental to a happy and progressive life – both personal and professional life. When you put others first and serve them you will be served with life’s vault of valuables which includes all the things money can’t buy and many things money can buy.

When you walk in the other person’s shoes and see life through another’s eyes you will walk into success in your dealings and see opportunities to add value rather than problems.

How we perceive others determines how we receive or treat them and how you treat others will determine how life will treat you.

When you perceive and treat everyone as important without exception your own importance will never be erased in the domain of life. You see life is not about you, it’s about something bigger than you.  

The realization that life is beyond you and that you have the great privilege of taking up responsibility on the grand stage of life to live for a higher purpose which has the potential to produce greater good for the human race beginning with your sphere of influence equips you with the right kind of attitude that will bear you up and sustain you at an all-time high in the fulfillment of your destiny.

A positive attitude that is conjured up to impress and manipulate others including yourself is usually co-joined with failure.   

When you upgrade your attitude you update your success and gain altitude.

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