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MENTAL DIET: How To Understand Money (Part 4)

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Do you habitually think of the long-term rewards or consequences of every decision you make? Or are you apt to make decisions that make you feel good at the moment and appear appealing with short-term pleasure or gains? Are you aware that every decision you make every day of your life charts the course of your destiny?  Do you live in the consciousness that every choice or decision you make has consequences that will manifest as circumstances in your life sooner or later?

Specifically, are you aware that every decision you make concerning money shapes your financial destiny either towards lack or riches?

The Law of Time Perspective states: “The most successful people in any society are those who take the longest time period into consideration when making their day-to-day decision”.

Highly successful people are those who have a long-time perspective when making their daily decisions. For a huge and sustainable payoff in your financial destiny, there must be a trade-off in terms of sacrifices within reason in the short term.

Delayed gratification leads to delivered remunerations. Are you inclined to a quick fix? In other words, do you make decisions based on the moment? Or do you make lifetime decisions?

When you are in pursuit of short-term gains without considering the long-term consequences you lose out in the long term. Your time perspective shapes the quality of your lifetime experiences.  For every payoff, there must be a trade-off.

The people who succeed most are the people who have sacrificed most.  When you settle for the comfort zone you never have the fortitude to ascend to unlimited horizons of accomplishments. When you settle for a life of pleasure you will eventually be compounded with pressures.

A long-term perspective is critical to thriving in every area of life.


  • Successful people are willing to pay the price in the short term to achieve success in the long term. The unsuccessful people want to rise to the top without paying the price to get there.
  • Successful people weigh the quality of their choices or decisions on the scale of long-term consequences while unsuccessful people make their choices or decisions based on the moment and they do not care about long-term consequences of their actions.
  • Successful people have trained themselves to do what they should do when they should do it while unsuccessful people are unwilling to do what they should do when they should do it.
  • Successful people are more concerned about their desired result than they are in their comfort or convenience while unsuccessful people are in pursuit of convenience or comfort while wishing for the results or outcome that successful people produce.
  • Successful people are habitually in pursuit of becoming better – improving themselves while unsuccessful people set their minds on looking good and feeling good to satiate their inordinate desires hence, they focus on the mundane things of life.

Success requires paying the price in advance until you purchase the prize or the results you desire. Self-discipline is the trademark of the successful.


In 5, 10, 15, and 20 years from now, where would you like to be regarding your finances, family, health, and contribution to life? Begin today to make the choices that will enable you to grow into the kind of person who will attract what you want and engage in actions that move you toward your goals.

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