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MENTAL DIET: How To Understand Money

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Have you ever heard a foreign language being spoken or written without any interpretation of what it means? How did it make you feel? Sure, the foreign language did not make any meaning to you because you did not understand what was being communicated hence, you lost the message conveyed. So you had no clue, and you felt uncomfortable.

Along the same vein, what you don’t understand you lose. What you don’t understand you criticize. What you don’t understand you minimize and abuse. The lack of understanding of how money works makes people uncomfortable with money and thus they waste or squander it or are ignorant, and unmotivated to increase their earning capacity

Understanding is the product of relevant knowledge correctly applied. Your beliefs about money determine your behavior or attitude towards money which invariably determines your financial destiny.

In essence, your beliefs about money determine your behavior towards money. In the domain of life the more money you have the more options you have. Money is a means to an end rather than an end in itself. Money is important however, money is not everything.


Money is a tool to serve specific purposes and those specific purposes must be for the highest good of yourself and others. In other words, money is a servant that is designed to help accomplish purposes for your highest good and those of others outside of that money can become a trap for self-sabotage. Therefore, you must be master over money and money becomes your servant or slave to accomplish great purposes for the elevation of your destiny and the destiny of others.

This requires specific skills that hinge on the application of certain principles or laws governing money to make money, manage money, and grow money.

The Law of Abundance states, “We live in an abundant universe in which there is sufficient money for all who really want it and are willing to obey the laws governing its acquisition.”

The Universe is clogged with an abundance of all things. Scarcity is alien to the universe. In essence, abundance is the reality of the universe. Scarcity and limitations are illusions rooted in ignorance.


However, to live or function in a state of more than enough – abundance we must recognize that the universe is governed by principles or laws concerning the success we seek in any area of life.  All we have to do is to recognize and align our thoughts, beliefs, and actions to these principles or laws to create or attract what we desire and in this case money.


First, you must choose to believe that you are surrounded by unlimited blessings and opportunities – that there is more than enough for you and for everyone. Moreover, you must believe that you are creative, loaded with ability, and can access infinite ideas from within you.

Money is something you create or attract through the love-motivation of value creation You don’t compete, cheat, steal, embezzle, or indulge in any negative practice to get it – all these are self-sabotaging practices that make life empty and miserable. Therefore, you must possess a creative mindset rather than a competitive mentality; an abundance mindset rather than a survival or barely get-by mentality.

Until you believe that you can be rich you will shortchange your potential. Until you believe that you deserve to be rich you will severe yourself from the possibility of being rich by your actions.

Riches are the reserve of those who believe that they deserve to be rich. Riches are the possession of those who have decided to be rich. Riches are the custodians of those who have possessed the dream of elevating humanity.

Until you decide to be rich you will recline to barely get by in life. Until you desire to be rich, riches will desert you.


  • What does money mean to you? Does it mean more pleasure? – if it does then your behavior towards money will most likely be to mismanage, abuse, and waste it. No matter how much money you make it will eventually fizzle out.

Does more money mean engaging in a greater good for both yourself and others? – Then you have the inclination to manage and grow money to fulfill your destiny which is the ultimate purpose of riches.

  • Write down your beliefs about money.
  • Categorize them under “Supportive beliefs” and “non-supportive beliefs”
  • Reframe your non-supportive beliefs about money to empowering beliefs.

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