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  1. You don’t need to pursue money – you need financial intelligence to attract, manage and grow your finances.

2. You don’t need to seek happiness – you just need to become a more giving and loving person and you will find happiness.

3. You don’t need everyone to believe in you to succeed – you need to believe in yourself.

4. You don’t need to chase fame – you need to create a positive impact and you will become a person of influence.

5. You don’t need anybody to change for your circumstance to change – When You Change Everything About You Changes.

6. You don’t need to tolerate fear – you need to step out and live your dreams.

7. You don’t need a quick fix or techniques to succeed – you need a process that builds up sustainable success.

8. You don’t need to win at the expense of another – you need the abundant mentality that attracts a life of more than enough.

The year 2023 like every New Year presents you with a blank book of 365 pages. You get to fill in the content of the book.


You write on each page through your actions rather than your intentions. You write on each page one action at a time and a day at a time.

At the end of 2023 whatever you’ve written on the pages of the book through your actions will create the result or outcome of your life and will become the narrative of your life story for the year 2023.

What life do you want to create for yourself in 2023? The year doesn’t bring anything it’s what you bring into the year and what you make of the year. You see nothing good and great just happens by chance, it is made to happen. It is either you let life happen or make life happen – you get to choose.

I love motivation however, am not all caught up in it. Motivation is deficient in and of itself. We all need Substance that can stand the test of time.

You see, if an individual is moving in the wrong direction he or she does not need motivation or even encouragement to get ahead and “succeed”, the individual needs a change of direction first, or else he or she can “get ahead” faster to a destiny wreckage.

A change of direction is only possible with a change of thinking out of which every word and action flows, creating the narrative of our life story.

Motivation does not create the structure for sustainable success – Mind Transformation does. Motivation creates momentum to run the structure of success. The Mind Transformation determines the right kind of motivation to function from.

When a personal transformation is in place it changes everything; it changes your views of success; it makes you the right kind of motivations to steer the course of sustainable success; you will be able to make better choices in life and form better habits; your relationships with people become better; you become happier. In fact, personal transformation increases the quality of your life from the inside out as you make valuable contributions in the domain of life.

You see, if there is no personal transformation you can make more money, buy a new car, marry a new spouse and get all the outward trappings of “success” only to fall into the trap of the old narrative of your life story howbeit, in a new situation or place because you are not new.

So let’s get set to become the New You in the New Year of 2023 and create an inspiring book of the narrative of your life story.

I’ll help you figure it out.

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