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MENTAL DIET: How To Understand Money (Part 3)

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What is the most important single ability to create wealth? Are you yearning for wealth? Then move from yearning and increase your earning ability because your earning ability is your greatest ability for wealth creation. Your ability to work is required to creatively work out the process of attracting wealth.

The Law of Capital states, “Your most valuable asset, in terms of cash flow, is your physical and mental capital, your earning ability.” By raising your physical, mental, and emotional energy you increase your earning ability to attract higher revenues through the production of high-value goods and services.

 The value of money you attract will be according to how much you have developed your mind and raised your physical energy level. There is one common denominator that wealthy people possess, it is the higher perspective that the most precious resource is time. And in reality, it is .

How well you use your time determines how well you make money.  You will never attract high revenues when you spend most of your time on low-value activities. High-level productivity is what attracts high value of monetary reward. The poor use of time leads to a lack of money.

Until you are skilled in managing your life which is invariably what time management is all about your life will become skewed and it makes no difference how talented or highly skilled you may be.

When you become disciplined to focus on high-value activities with a wholehearted input into your work your productivity is raised and consequently you attract more money.

To better manage your life this is reflective of how you use your time, you must invest in your mind. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts. The value you create for yourself and others, which determines the value of money you attract, depends on your mind’s content.

You either spend time and money or invest time and money – herein is the key distinction between the average person and the truly rich individual.

To become rich you must consistently invest in your mind – Give greater attention to your neck-up than your neck-down if you want to be rich.


It is your mind that determines your personal value and not what you put on your body neither the car you drive. Until you separate your self-worth which is inestimable from your net-worth your perspective in life will be distorted and your actions which are a product of your choices will not be wise.

Your self-worth is the thermostat that regulates and controls the value of money you can attract, manage and grow leading to your eventual net-worth.

Invest money monthly on your personal and professional development.  Grow your personal value – In essence, Grow You. Expand your intellectual capacity and elevate your earning ability continually.

When you invest and keep reinvesting massively in your mind in terms of your personal and professional development in your core areas of excellence there are no limits to the value of money you can attract.

As an organization revenues rises when the company invest in training its people as the level of productivity increases.


  • Write down your high value responsibilities that lead to accomplishments rather than mere activities of low value.
  • If you are into business for yourself, write down the things that only you can do and which cannot be delegated or outsourced.
  • Organize your list in order of priority.
  • Resolve to concentrate on your high value tasks and work all the time you work each day.
  • How much money monthly are you putting aside to invest in your mind and elevate your personal value and in your professional development such as coaching, buying relevant books, trainings, etc?
  • How much time are you scheduling daily to give attention your personal growth and development?
  • Work out your plan – Act Now!

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