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We need to listen attentively to the inner conversations in our head: are they positive; Non-judgmental; Believing in you; unconditional; encouraging; supportive; wanting the best for you?

You can never succeed when you tell yourself that you can’t. You can never climb high in life when you continually doubt yourself and your abilities. “Fear”; “impossibility” and “Doubt” are success erasers; erase them from your vocabulary.

Words of doubt darken our life’s path; words of worry leave us weary of rotting in life’s race; words of fear frustrate our dreams. However, words of faith fast-track us to our Divine destiny. 


I present to you the guaranteed Affirmation Prescription – God’s Word. Please read the unedited true life story by Joel Osteen thoughtfully, let it sink in, and discover the Power of affirming God’s Word embedded in the Bible.

“In 1981, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and given just a few weeks to live. I’ll never forget what a shock the news was to our family. I had never seen Mother sick one day in all my life. She was extremely healthy and active. She loved being outdoors, working in the yard, working in her flowerbeds.

I was away at college when the doctor’s report came. My brother, Paul, called me and said, “Joel, Mother is very, very sick.”

“What do you mean, Paul? Does she have the flu or something like that?”


“No, Joel,” Paul replied. She’s losing weight. Her skin is yellow, and she’s extremely weak; something is seriously wrong with her.”

Mother was hospitalized for twenty-one days, while the doctors ran test after test. They sent her lab work all over the country, hoping to find some key to help her. Finally, they came back with the dreaded report that she had metastatic cancer of the liver. They called my dad into the hallway and said, “Pastor, we hate to tell you this, but your wife has only a few weeks to live. Not months, weeks…”

Medical science had reached the limits of what it could do. The best and brightest doctors in the world had exhausted their efforts, so they basically sent our mom home to die.

We expressed our sincere appreciation to the doctors and hospital staff for their hard work, but we refused to accept their opinions.

And my mother never gave up. She refused to speak words of defeat. She didn’t complain about how sick or weak she felt, how awful her life was, or how hopeless her situation looked. She chose to put God’s words in her mind and in her mouth.

She started speaking faith-filled words. She started calling in health and calling healing. All during the day, we’d hear her going through the house speaking aloud, “I will live and not die, and I will declare the works of the Lord.” She was like a walking Bible!

I’d say, “Mother, how are you doing?”

She’d say, “Joel, I’m strong in the Lord and the power of His might.” She pored over her Bible and found about thirty or forty favorite passages of Scriptures concerning healing. She wrote them down, and every day, she’d read over them and boldly declare them aloud. We’d see her walking up and down the driveway saying, “With long life, He satisfies me and shows me His salvation.”

Mother mixed her words with God’s Words and something powerful began to happen. Her circumstances began to change. Not overnight, but little by little, she began to feel better. She got her appetite and started gaining weight. Slowly, but surely her strength returned. Today, it has been more than twenty years since we received the report that Mother had just a few weeks to live, and as I write these words, Mother is totally free from that cancer, healed by the power of God’s word”.


I hasten to add as of this writing it has been forty years and still counting since Dodie Osteen was given a few weeks to live and she still lives in perfect health.

The medical experts gave the verdict that she had only a few weeks to live; which was a fact. However, God’s word states that Jesus took away our disease and infirmity; therefore, what we have left is perfect health that’s the Truth.

Hold onto the Truth rather than facts; facts always bow and submit to the Truth. God’s word is the Truth-the Bible contains the Truths of life.

In the midst of adversity; or hardship will you talk in faith like a victor? Or will you bemoan your fate like a victim? When you think like a victor and speak like a victor, life will adorn you with the victor’s crown.

When you think like a victim and talk like a victim life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. When life’s troubles seem overwhelming you need to guard what you say; study to be quiet, especially in the challenging seasons of life, and be careful to speak only positive and faith-filled words. In trying times, let your words be tried and find nothing wanting.

You either use your words to describe your situation or you use your words to describe the positive changes you want to experience. Don’t dwell on the problem; focus on the solution. Speak to your mountain rather than speak about your mountain.

Set the tone for the day in the first waking moments of the day by declaring God’s promises embedded in the Bible over your life and yours. When you do this you are setting the direction of your thoughts, words, and actions which births the results you will produce for the day. You will be living life by design rather than by default; you will live life by offense rather than by defense.

Fill your mind with Truth (God’s word) and your mouth will be an outflow of Truth expressed, fashioning your life into a citadel of truth, causing you to live above negativity, error, and the limitations of life.

Yes! You can. Yes! You will.

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