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Mental Diet: How To Strengthen Your Success Root

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Strengthening your success roots necessitates the recognition of your uniqueness. The realization that you are distinct distinguishes you from the status quo. Comparing yourself with others breeds discontent or pride and these are detrimental to success. 

You never win the game of life when you keep pausing to measure your progress or yourself against another. Focus is the key to winning the prize. Compare yourself with what you can be and you will grow and develop into what you were created to be.

Always strive to be the best version of yourself every day and you will gain the root that sustains heightened success. Focus on your personal growth and improvement and you will gain advancement in the success domain.

Strengthening your success roots entails tuning out self-limiting beliefs or thoughts and tuning into the possibilities within and without. 

When you live from your memory, you function in the place of limitation but when you live by exercising and maximizing your imagination you function from the place of possibilities. Nothing cripples performance and handicaps the possibility of accomplishment more than self-limiting beliefs. Self-limiting beliefs cages potentials and caves in destiny.

To adopt empowering beliefs:

  • You must identify the limiting beliefs that hold you back by observing the outcome or result in each area of your life.
  •  Evaluate the effects the limiting beliefs have had on your life. Go ahead and make a committed decision on how you will think, feel, and act.
  • Create a positive statement or affirmation that will stir you up to think, feel, and act in order to become the person you envision to be.
  • Repeat the written statement or affirmation daily until it becomes your conviction which creates the condition of your life.
  •   Ponder on the words of Zig Ziglar, “You need to feed your mind with clean, pure, powerful, inspirational ideas because you are what you are, and where you are, because of what has gone into your mind. Good, clean stuff fed into your mind every day will produce hope which, fuelled with encouragement, is going to produce the action and the long-term results you are seeking.
  • One of the most important ways of inspiring yourself is to talk to yourself. Actually, the most important conversations you will have all day long are the ones you have with yourself. The most important opinion you have is the opinion you have of yourself. You can take control by directing your self-talk in a very practical way.”     
  • Break out of limited and negative thinking and you will breakthrough into new and higher horizons of living.

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