Supercharged: How To Refine Yourself

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  • When you alter your identity, you alter your destiny.
  • Your definition of who you are and what you stand for is the framework of your identity.
  •  Your belief about who you are determines the quality of your life.
  •  The enemy of self is the enemy of society.
  • You can never outperform the way you think about and see yourself.
  •  Your thoughts about yourself shape your conduct.
  • When your self-image counts up to something, your actions can never count down to nothing.
  •  Until self-acceptance is in place, self-respect is out of place.
  •  What you become in life reflects what you think of yourself.
  • Never conform to the criticism of others rather transform into your self-ideal.
  •  Never sentence yourself to a lifetime of comparison in the dungeon of mediocrity rather set yourself up for a lifestyle of expressing your uniqueness in the domain of success.
  • The limiting brake that breaks the chances of success is created by what you think of yourself.
  • Never look at your behavior to define who you are rather look at your essence to define who you are and your behavior will be a projection of who you are.

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