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  • When you become disgusted with life it reflects that your thoughts are disgruntled.
  • When you complain about your lot that means you devalue your mind a lot.
  • A new lease on life is a product of a new release in changing how you think.
  • The way things are going is shaped by what’s going on within you.
  • The power to change your life lies in your power to change your mind.
  •  When you see life as a battle life becomes a fight at every turn.
  • When you expect to have one difficulty after another you will have a barrage of hard times.
  • How you see life and what you expect from life is predominantly what you will attract in life.
  • You can’t fight life and emerge a winner rather you love life and you become a winner.
  •   The bad use of your power to choose results in bad consequences.
  • The power to choose is your greatest power to change your life and keep it changed.
  • The right to choose is your inalienable right to either win or lose in the game of life.
  • Your life is the sum of all the choices you’ve made and to change the course of your life you must change the cause – one thought at a time.  

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