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  • To create long-term and sustainable success you must make choices based on the long-term consequences of your choices.
  • When you delay gratifications you deny financial failure the power to hold you captive.
  • To win the prize you must pay the price in full.
  • Sacrifice sanctions poverty from your life.
  • When you save money for the rainy day, your savings will be swept away by the flood of needs but when you save for investment purposes the rain of financial surplus becomes your reward.
  • For your financial life to change dramatically your actions must change drastically.
  • It is not how much money you make that counts but rather it is how much you make in assets and investments that count.
  • “Expenses always rise to meet income” must be laid to rest if you want to rest from financial struggle.
  • Financial reserve preserves your self-respect and confidence by giving you the option of freedom.
  • When you rush into parting with money you partner with loss and lack rushes in.

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