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Prolonged thoughts give rise to pronounced words. Blow the limits off your mind and unseal your mouth. A shut mouth is a shut destiny. Open wide your mouth and declare the positive things you want to  see manifest in your life and your destiny will open wide to the flow of abundance of life’s best.

Are you talking about the problem? Or are you talking about the solution? Are your words in alignment with the attainment of your dreams? Or are your words a deviation from the attainment of your dreams? Good confession precedes good fortune.

You need to speak what you need to create before Life will give you attention and attend to your words. What future do you want to experience? Create it by speaking it. Words are not only expressive but also creative.

Behold the success ideal with your mental eyes; uphold the success ideal with your words; cultivate the success ideal with your actions and you will reap the success ideal as the fruitage of your life.

What you dwell upon swells up inside you and what swells up inside you determines the well of words that flows from your mouth.

To succeed you must tell yourself that you can succeed and you will succeed despite the odds. People’s opinion of you and your abilities do not define you but rather what defines you is the opinion you have of yourself.

If the odds are against you, you shouldn’t be against yourself. Words  magnetizes and produces after their kind. Consequently, you can become a success magnet by habitually speaking the right words. You thereby carry a success aura that attracts good to you.



I am happy

I am helpful

I am kind

I am loyal

I am trustworthy

I am hopeful

I am enthusiastic

I am forgiving

I am focused

I am dedicated

I am committed

I am faithful

I am patient

I am confident

I am excellent

I am honest

I am persistent

I am merciful

I am decisive

I am thankful

I am positive

I am generous

I am courage

I am love

I am dependable

I am wise

I am pure

I am obedient

I am purposeful

I am effective

I am creative

I am responsible

I am devoted

I am optimistic

I am compassionate

I am vigor

I am peace

I am health

I am strength

I am power

I am plenty

I am a part of abundance, because I am one with the very Source of infinite supply

I am rich, because I am heir to all the resources of the universe

I am truth

I am justice

I am beauty, because I am made in the image of Perfection, of harmony, of Truth, of Justice, of Immortal Beauty.

Affirm your strengths out loud daily, repeatedly and consistently. Tell yourself, “I CAN”, “I WILL”. Talk yourself to success. Assert the divinity within you. Assert your birthright of success.

When negative thoughts erupt in your head, rather than give expression to it, say aloud, “CANCEL”. Tell yourself you have been engineered for success; organized for victory and fashioned for greatness. Tune into great conversations or internal dialogue with yourself and you’ll tune into a grand life experience.

Remember, when you change your “being,” you automatically change your behavior or “doing” which attracts your “having” and expands your capacity for “giving.”

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