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MENTAL DIET: How to Become A Peak Performer In Life (Part 3)

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Babe Ruth, a legendary baseball player; is often referred to as the greatest baseball player who ever lived. In 22 seasons, Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs a mark that stood until 1974. During the 1916 championship title, Babe pitched 13 scoreless innings – a record that remains unbroken today.

There’s a famous story about Babe Ruth, one of the famous stories in baseball history. During the third game of the 1932 World Series, the Yankees were in a heated competition with the Chicago Cubs.

 When Babe Ruth stepped up to the plate, Cub players heckled him and some fans even threw fruits at him. After two balls and two strikes; the incensed Babe Ruth pointed out to center field. With the next pitch, Babe struck the ball exactly where he had predicted in the “called shot”.

After the game, somebody asked Babe Ruth, “But suppose you missed that final strike? Babe was surprised at the question, “Why,” he said, “I never even thought of such a thing.” Amazing! That’s the psychology of winning. To be on the winning lane of life demands a mentality.

You become your thoughts. The confidence that comes from positive knowing is more powerful than just engaging in positive thinking. It is the the positive inner knowing that creates an unshakable confidence that is required for peak performance.

The big question is: how can this deep positive inner knowing be developed?


If you were given 6 months to live, what would you do with the life you have left?

  • What would be the virtues, values, and qualities that you would love to be known for? In essence, what kind of person would you want to be?
  •  How would you spend your time? What would you do with your time?
  • Who are the people you would for the most part spend your time with?
  • What would you want to accomplish?

Probably you begin for the first time to view each passing moment in the light of eternity. You begin to live with a sense of a Mission and Purpose than ever before. You will then value the gift of time above silver or gold and make the most of each second of every minute; each minute of every hour and each hour of every day.


You will discover that you possess the discipline required for destiny mastery. You would be willing to pay the price in advance to make a difference in the domain of life without any option of giving up or excuses.

You would value people like never before and give them the best version of your developed self. In essence, you would seek to elevate the quality of your relationship with people especially your personal relationships irrespective of their behavior or attitude.

In all this, your focus will shift from the mundane and trivial things of life to what matters most – you will probably for the first time lay aside fear and wholeheartedly do what it takes to really live your dreams that emanate from the core of your being


  • Conceptualization:

Conceive ideas, visions, and dreams

  • Documentation:

Write them down – your dreams, vision, and goals.

Categorize your goals –

  1. Financial and material goals.
  2. Family and personal goals.
  3. Self-improvement and educational goals.
  4. Spiritual goals.
  5. Health and fitness goals.
  6. Social and community goals.
  • Prioritize your goals
  • Use Personal pronouns, “I am…”, “I earn…”, I achieve…” to write your goals
  • Set a deadline for each goal
  • Write down what is required to accomplish them
  • Create a workable action plan to accomplish your goals
  • Visualization:

Create a mental picture of your dream and hold it in your mind – see yourself accomplishing your target or goal.

  • Verbalization:

Verbalize out loud your dreams and goals as they were already accomplished and give thanks to God. Bubble up with excitement and let your heart overflow with gratitude. Make it a daily practice.

  • Execution:

Get into a space of action and work out your plans every day. Be flexible to change your strategies in order to accomplish your goals as you realize what works. However, never change your moral principles no matter what.

  • Actualization:

Result or outcome.

  • Evaluation:

Examine and review the outcome and make adjustments and improvements for excellence.  

You become a possibility magnet with an unshakable self-confidence that comes from an inner knowing or consciousness that success is your essence, all you have to do is work out the process from the inside out.

 Peak performers are people with unshakable confidence and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

When you change your thinking about yourself you elevate the quality of your performance.

Your dreams or goals rise or fall according to the level of your confidence.

The buildup of confidence is the product of the buildup of a track record of your ability to attain what you set your mind to accomplish. Accomplishing smaller goals builds up confidence for accomplishing big goals.

To keep raising your levels of confidence keep elevating your goals and objectives.

Your confidence surges when your goals and objectives continually urge you to improve and gain heights of accomplishments.

When your values, beliefs, goals, and actions are in alignment you set the stage for becoming a peak performer in life.   

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