SUPERCHARGED: Take up the challenge!

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If you were to take up a challenge what would that be?

Would it be an intellectual challenge? Or would it be a  fun challenge?

Whatever your choice of challenge, I bet you will look forward to a thrilling experience.

I want to offer you a special kind of challenge that can alter the trajectory of your life and give you a new lease on living. 

Here are some hints about this special kind of challenge:

– This challenge will make you leave your comfort zone into your dream living zone.

– There is nothing sexy or exciting about this challenge but it sure will cause a paradigm shift within and produce an exponential rate of significant progress in your destiny.

– This challenge will make you a person of distinction and honor.


Wow! That’s amazing.

Well, this special kind of challenge is the “Responsibility Challenge”.

Here’s the catch, when you take 100% responsibility for your life you have a 100% chance of succeeding.

Oh Yes! 

It is within our comfort zone to blame others or something apart from ourselves for our circumstances and even our choices – all of us are tempted to do that. However, we must live above the lures of the blame game if we do not want to be “lame” and get stuck where we are and with who we are. 

I want to present to you the fundamental responsibility for the core of your being, which is the springboard for all the choices you will ever make, which empowers you for unlimited success. Remember, your choices determine your chances.

Let’s go!

– You are responsible for your choices and actions.

 In life, you either live out your consciously designed script or a default script; you either act on life or life act on you; you either stem the tide or go with the flow. The choice is yours.

– You are responsible for the fulfillment of your legitimate desires.

If you want things to change and your circumstances to improve; then you must be in charge of changing and improving yourself. If it’s to be; it’s up to you. 

– You are responsible for your beliefs and values

 Beliefs create reality and values govern human behavior.

– You are responsible for the use of your time.

Time is as irreplaceable as life itself. How you use your time determines how your life will turn out.

– You are responsible for the choice of your association.

Everybody cannot be your friend because many people are going in a different direction from yours. The responsibility lies on you to choose your companions wisely and not have them choose you.

– You are responsible for how you deal with people

You are responsible for your behavior, irrespective of the behavior of others. And when you treat people better than they deserve life will treat you better than you deserve.

– You are responsible for what you do about your feelings.

Maturity takes responsibility for feelings and filters the feelings and emotions through reason, judgment, and conscience. 

– You are responsible for your happiness because happiness is a choice you make;

 Take responsibility for your emotions, happiness, life, and well-being. 

Remember, when you take 100% responsibility for your life you have a 100% chance at succeeding.

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