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Life seems to present itself in two facets of dimensions; ups and downs; high and low; hot and cold; summer and winter; day and night; true or false; positive and negative.

These interplay of dimensions or facets cause interludes of emotions. Emotions are here to stay no doubt about that. However, when we build up our place in an emotional dungeon, we set in motion a self-defeating system that perpetuates failure to run our lives.

 But when we set up a self-control mechanism that effectively manages our emotions positive emotions come to stay producing emotional bliss and peace of mind. False beliefs about yourself and your world are the antecedents of negative emotions. When beliefs are distorted the beauty of emotions becomes disfigured leading to ugly emotional experiences that confine life in the failure dungeon.

Right believing in yourself and your world is the foundation that sustains a healthy emotional well-being that makes for great success.

Your feelings mirror the portrait of your self-image. The buildup of a healthy self-image is the beginning of the buildup of healthy emotional well-being. Whenever you fall short of positive emotions you shortchange yourself. Your feelings are a feedback mechanism reflecting the quality of your thoughts. Therefore, when you are emotionally down perform an emotional checkup in order to stay up the quality of your life.

To manage your emotions is to manage your mind and to manage your mind is to gain ascendancy in self-mastery and to gain the ascendancy in self-mastery is to ascend into a life of excellence.

  • The pursuit of joy is the pursuit of life, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in every area of life that’s the soul’s code to blossom spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  • A life filled with joy is a life that sacrifices short-term pleasures for long-term goals of significance.
  • When your work taps into your passion, talent, and gift you tap into reserves of mental and emotional energy.
  • When you give yourself to serve others you discover the joy of living.
  • Selfishness sets in motion negative emotions to run down a life.
  • Face the truth about your emotional problems, and never live in denial lest you defy solutions and become an emotional wreck.
  • The heart always finds a way to ventilate itself either negatively or positively therefore, release negative hidden past by confiding to a trusted person and you will be released from the burden of emotional baggage that eats away at the soul.
  • Until you admit the truth to yourself you will be unable to administer the healing process to yourself.
  • To override compulsive behavior you must overrule the supportive thoughts that trigger the compulsive behavior with constructive and well-balanced thoughts.
  • When we pay close attention to what is going on in our minds and what is coming out of our mouths and channel it in a positive and constructive direction we will enjoy mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
  • To gain a healthy emotional balance or stability you must maintain a healthy balance in your relationship with people and things and become solely dependent on God rather than living in a dependent state on people and things.
  • A co-dependent relationship is an emotional baggage that thwarts progress and keeps one in emotional bondage.
  • Emotional maturity is achieved when we maintain an emotional balance with self-control.
  • Self-talk is an emotional trigger.
  • Monitoring your thoughts precedes managing your emotions.
  • Procrastination of important tasks prolongs stress.
  • When you habitually leave tasks half-done especially important tasks your emotional response to situations will be haphazard culminating in the buildup of stress which makes life strenuous.
  • Let people off the hook; when a relationship is over, forgive and let go lest you get hooked on negative emotions.
  • Never want from others what they are unable to give you because they do not have it in themselves and they cannot give out what they don’t have lest you hold your emotions hostage and your life becomes stagnant.
  • The fear of failure incapacitates action but when you confront it and act as if you can’t fail you will discover you won’t.
  • The fear of rejection leaves emotions in a state of dejection; to be free you must be validated from within rather than become a slave to the approval of others.

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