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The Power of Now is the power required to ascend to the peak of your destiny.

I just love it when people say I can’t do something. There’s nothing that makes me feel better because all my life people have said I wasn’t going to make it.”

  • Ted Turner

The Power of Now is the power required to ascend to the peak of your destiny.

Until life is lived with a sense of urgency it becomes an arena filled with insurgency that seeks to eliminate a meaningful life and plaque it with emptiness.

What time do you have left? You may never know but one thing is certain you have the time of NOW!

NOW – Is the time to act!

NOW – Is the time to live for a cause!

NOW – Is the time to identify, recognize, refine, and utilize your gifts and talents to serve the world!


NOW – It is the time to engage in great works by practicing the “little” deeds of kindness.

NOW – Is the time to improve yourself to become a better you.

NOW – Is the time to live your worthwhile dreams.

The Power of Now is a clarion call to maximize the moment, where you are, and with what you have.

The Power of Now is realizing the potency of each second of every minute available to effect a change in the domain of life one day at a time.

The flipside of NOW is WON:

N         W

O         O

W        N

 Therefore, the Power of Now is to live with the consciousness that you have WON. So let’s get on the winning lane of life and make every moment count as we advance progressively.

Let Ted Turner, the founder of television’s first satellite-delivered “superstation” and later CNN, the world’s first all-news, 24-hour cable network inspire you to live with a sense of urgency and accomplish your dreams.

The Procrastination….

For years running Ted Turner had been thinking about creating a twenty-four-hour cable television news network but did not act on his dream because of the many obstacles that he had to face ranging from the infancy of the cable industry during the 1970s to the fact that just about everyone he talked to about it said it couldn’t be done and worse still, that it shouldn’t be done.

Ted further floated the idea at a meeting of cable service operators and had failed to obtain the subscription commitments from most of them; he hesitated further though he did not discard the idea.

The Principle:

Dreams without a corresponding strategic workable action is merely a fantasy of the imagination that is on a wish stage of life. The doers are the players in the game of life. Procrastination castrates destiny.

Never give heed to the critics and the naysayers if you want to heed destiny’s call. It is important to note that people criticize what they do not understand and worse still they have a closed mind with conditioned beliefs which they do not seem to want to let go for a higher and better perspective. People generally project their limiting beliefs and their self-concept onto others and pass them on as opinions or truth.

Therefore, never let someone else’s limiting projection of themselves disguised as their opinion of you become your introspection to defeat your resolve to solve the problem that you were created as a solution and incapacitate your growth to becoming all that you were created to be.   


For each individual there will be defining moments – the moment which there is a clarion call to risk everything transient into birthing an enduring legacy; the moment to face up with great inconvenience and the unknown in order to grow above the familiarity of your comfort zone and to bloom in the zone of great achievers; the moment to risk leaving the kind of person you were to gain the growth of becoming who you were created to be.

The defining moment is a moment to make the committed decision to live with a sense of urgency knowing that the only available time that matters is NOW.

For Ted Turner, his defining moment was when he heard that a man named Bill Lucas who was the Vice president of the Atlanta Braves baseball team, which Turner owned was going to die. Ted Turner called Reese Schonfeld, a television news journalist and executive with whom he had been formulating the idea. Below is the dialogue that ensued:

“Hey, Reese! Do you know what happened today to Bill Lucas?”

“No. What happened?”

“He’s got a hemorrhage! He’s gonna die! And guess what?

None of us is gonna live forever! So listen, Reese, let’s do this thing! With or without support!”

Yes, Turner and Reese – his business partner moved into a space of action despite the odds and that ushered in a turning point in history.


In life, you can either permit the pain of regret to trail and derail you from the course of action away from the life of your dreams or you can let the obsession of your life’s mission pull you through in executing and manifesting your dreams with a sense of urgency.

You can either learn and draw valuable lessons from the life experiences of others regarding what to do and what not to do or you can choose to ignore or even criticize the failings of others while living your own life in trial and error in a bid to having “experiences” which leaves destiny brutal.

You can live in pain or you can live in pursuit of your life’s mission or purpose which knows no obstruction but only distinction – You get to choose.

Whatever happens to you, you get to choose your response and your response will be a reflection of what is happening in you and that determines what happens through you.

A state of congruency in the pursuit of your life’s mission slates you to live with a sense of urgency.


Ted Turner’s first move into broadcasting was the purchase in 1968 of a small radio station in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This put him into the electronic media field. He went on to found television’s first satellite-delivered “super-station” and later CNN, the world’s first all-news, 24-hour cable network.

The Principle:

Are your daily actions or habits moving you in the direction of your dreams? Or are your actions or habits taking you away from the destination of your dreams? The big shots are those who think big thoughts however, they take little steps of action daily which build up to the big breaks of life.

The tide of the broadcasting network was turned 360 degrees at the point when Ted Turner learned that his feeble little UHF station in Atlanta, WTCG (later renamed WTBS) could reach the entire nation if he bounced its signal off satellite and let cable system retransmitted it. This wasn’t really a new idea, HBO had done the same a year earlier but it was Turner who recognized its potent possibility and ushered in the cable revolution that enabled viewers to have a wider choice of program compared to those offered by the major networks.

The Principle:

Two individuals can see the same thing; one will recognize opportunity while the other will see problems. Two individuals can go through the same situation; one will become bitter while the other will grow to become bigger and better. Two individuals can have the same gift or talent, one will despite the gift wish for the gift of another while the other will develop, refine, and maximize the gift through use which consequently yields maximum returns to destiny.

Two people can have the same amount of money; one will waste it while the other will invest it. Two people can be given the same seemingly “worthless” material one will discard it while the other will create value from it to meet human needs and create wealth in the process.

Therefore, it depends on whose hands it is in and whose eyes see it, and that hinges on the” lens” through which it is seen.

“In your hands, you hold the seeds of failure – or the potential for greatness.”

  • Zig Ziglar.  

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