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The principle of learning is taught rather than caught. A commitment to learning as a way of life entails a deliberate decision and discipline to follow through on a daily basis.

“Some people study law and some people study engineering. Some read the sports pages and become authorities on football, baseball, or basketball. Others invest many hours learning about cooking, history, stamps, computers, or a thousand other subjects. I studied success in all its many forms.”


Do you feel caged in and frustrated with your life? Do you feel powerless to change the circumstances of your life? Do you feel that your life is out of your control and you can’t direct your life?

Do you feel valueless, hopeless, and helpless in the world? Do you feel that you cannot make a difference in life? Have you become buffeted with high-level stress and poor performance? Do you feel that other people are smarter than you and hence, you must be less and inferior to them?

This is huge: You are just as smart and important as anyone else and much more. You are unique and incomparable to no one. However, if others are getting better and greater outcomes in their lives, it is because of what they know and what they’ve done and are doing as a product of their knowledge.

To be more; do more and have more – you must gain relevant knowledge on a continual basis, insight, and understanding as to how things work on a sustainable basis in order to engage in wise actions that will radically transform the quality of your life. This is made possible by learning – becoming a life-long learner in the domain of life.

Let’s get on the learning adventure that averted a failure-ridden life and made Brian Tracy venture into the domain of achievers.



Brian Tracy was raised in a poor family. He was a behavior problem when growing up as he was always in trouble. He was suspended several times and expelled from two high schools. In fact, he got more detention than any other kid in any school he attended from the seventh to the twelfth grades. To heighten it, he failed high school, dropping six out of seven courses in his last year.


Problems are not avenues for blame but rather they are avenues for taking responsibility and initiative to become part of the solution. “Prevention is better than cure” and unconditional love has both preventive and curative value.

Behavioral problems usually surface to compensate for the lack of unconditional love. Performance-based love lowers self-esteem and deepens behavioral problems.

When a behavioral problem intensifies, intensify the doses of unconditional love, understanding, and discipline or timely confrontation.

Never change the prescription to engage in blaming, complaining, and criticizing rather change You and deepen within the level of unconditional love, understanding, and self-control to respond in positive ways, then keep increasing the doses or levels of unconditional love, understanding, and discipline even as you become an inspiring example of a change to the child.


Brian Tracy’s first job was washing in the kitchen of a small hotel. Afterward, he worked at labor jobs for several years.


A limitation is an offshoot of imitation that produces a life of inhibition. The realization of your originality knows no limitation for you will be inspired to grow, explore, stretch, and maximize the limitless potential within.

Brian Tracy’s life was once characterized by limited education, limited skills, and a limited future. However, in the midst of this obvious despondency, he asked himself a critical question…


Asking the right question is the key distinction that attracts the right answers for a distinct life.

“Why are some people more successful than others?” was the critical question that changed Brian Tracy’s life. In his search for the right answers, he discovered the basic principle applied by the smartest…

 “I have found that the smartest people are those who take the time to find out the rules of success in any area before they attempt to get results in that area. They do their homework in advance”-   Brian Tracy.

As Brian Tracy adopted the habit of reading, he became self-aware…


Moments of revelation are the birthing place of transformation.

Late at night in his small apartment, Brian Tracy began to think introspectively, it suddenly dawned on him that he had not graduated from high school and the only job he was qualified to do was manual labor.

Brian Tracy reveals, “I suddenly knew that unless I changed, nothing else was going to change. No one else was going to do it for me. In reality, no one really cared. I realized at that moment, from that day forward I was completely responsible for my life and for everything that happened to me.

I was responsible. I could no longer blame my situation on my difficult childhood or the mistakes I had made in the past. I was in charge. I was in the driver’s seat. This was my life, and if I didn’t do something to change it, it would go on like this indefinitely, by the simple force of inertia.”

Taking 100% responsibility for your life will give you a 100% chance of succeeding.


“There is a ‘10/90 Rule in life. This rule says that the first 10 percent of the time that you invest in finding out the underlying laws, principles, rules, methods, and techniques of successful action in any field will save you 90 percent of the time and effort required to achieve your goals in that area.”


Brian Tracy eventually completed high school at night and by taking correspondence courses. He went ahead to get an Executive M.B.A,

Most importantly, he moved past resting on his laurels of gaining certification in formal education to developing a lifestyle of consistent learning.

Remember, formal education could make you strive but self-education will make you thrive.


When Brian Tracy got into sales, he began asking, “Why is it that some people are more successful than others?”…


  • He read everything he could find on selling
  • Listened to every audiotape available
  • Attended every training seminar that came along.
  • He inquired from top salespeople how they sold and what they did to deal with the constant problems that salespeople face.
  • He applied everything that made sense and improved on it.


  • Increased sales
  • He became the top salesperson in his company in six months
  • Taught other salespeople what he had learned
  • Many of them became top salespeople too.

When BrianTracy got into management…


  • He read everything he could find that could make him more effective in getting results through others.
  • Applied what he learned.


  • Built a sales organization with ninety-five people in six countries producing millions of dollars in new business each month.

When Brian Tracy got into real estate development…


  • Got a real estate license
  • Read and studied everything he could find on the subject
  • Asked questions of other successful developers


  • Optioned, financed, leased out built, and sold a three-million-dollar shopping center.
  • Over the next five years he bought, annexed, planned, developed, built, leased, and sold millions of dollars worth of commercial, industrial, and residential property.

To deal with his personality problems…


  • Studied relationships, interpersonal psychology, communications, and personality styles.

When he got married…


  • Read and listened to everything he could find on parenting and child raising.


  • Happily married to his spouse from 1979-
  • Raised four successful children

To improve the way he got along with people…


  • Read books that helped him to better understand himself and the reasons he felt and acted the way he did.

When BrianTracy became the Chief Operating Officer of a $265 million development company, he applied to his new position the proven, tested laws, principles, and techniques that he had gathered and completely restaffed, reorganized, and refocused the company, turning it from confusion to profitability in less than a year.

Consequently, business people began to hire him as a troubleshooter.

Brian Tracy has literally put in thousands upon thousands of hours in self-education by reading, studying, and learning relevant knowledge that has taken him to the top.

Guess what? He is still learning.


Brian Tracy is a Canadian-American motivational public speaker and Self-development author, Entrepreneur,  Business Coach, and Real Estate Broker. He has written over 80 books which have been translated into dozens of languages impacting millions of lives around the world.

Brian Tracy has consulted for more than 1000 top companies and has produced more than 300 videos and audio learning programs and addressed millions of people.

He has traveled to more than 107 countries of the world.

He is the Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International Company and is currently the President of 3 multi-million dollar companies.


“I found that I could learn anything, I needed to know to become successful at anything that I really cared about. Knowledge made all things possible.”


George Eliot beautifully states, “It’s never too late to become the person you could have been.”In order for the above statement to become accomplished, you must be a committed learner through life.

Remember you can become anything you want to be because you can learn anything you set your mind on. Learning produces knowledge and knowledge ignites insight which creates changes

The principle of learning is founded on an intense desire to gain knowledge and understanding in order to grow yourself and reap the results you are committed to creating.

Learning with the motive of just getting high grades in school or in a bid to impress people with your knowledge will never transform your life. For learning to be maximized, you must meditate or reflect on and raise questions that will stimulate your thinking and arouse an in-depth understanding and insight into the subject. The end product of learning is that action flows from it.

Learning is not an activity to be performed but rather it is an act of self-improvement to be cultivated. Learning is growing you to become better. The key to improvement in every area of life is embedded in the habit of learning.

The greater the knowledge you have about your product/service/career and what works in the important areas of your life, the greater will be your level of understanding and the greater you will believe to succeed and the greater will be the level of success you attract. Right believing is the fundamental principle of success.

The greater your self-knowledge the greater will be the understanding of your strengths, abilities, and gifts; the greater will be your self-concept and consequently, the greater will be the quality of your performance.

Therefore, until you know yourself; your product or service; and the people that you deal with, you will not be able to grow yourself; your product or service, and your success with people.   

Learning what is needed to just get by is the mark of mediocrity that results in a barely-get-by existence. Know beyond that which you think you may need. Seek to learn all that you can that is relevant to your destiny, for you may never know when you will need it.

Therefore, to engage in intentional learning that produces personal growth, a plan of action is required.

Self-education is the key to a maximized destiny.

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