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  • The responsibility challenge is the challenge to live in freedom
  • Responsible living begins with taking responsibility for what you think and how you think.
  • You are what you are because of what you think; you are where you are because of your actions.
  • Every action or behavior produces consequences – positive or negative and consequences unravels the sequences of events in your life.
  • Adulthood does not begin with age rather it begins with taking absolute responsibility for your life without playing the blame game.
  • The concept of responsibility is the precept of progress.
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  • To evade responsibility is to erase success.
  • Personal power begins with taking personal responsibility.
  • Positive emotions is the springboard of accepting complete responsibility for your life and is the drawing board of taking right motions which makes you live above board and beyond bounds.
  • Take a cue, no one is coming to the rescue rather you are the one to take cues in responding to your ability to create the change you desire.

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