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  • The measure and quality of your reward in life hinges on the level and quality of your contribution to life.
  • There is always a payout for every give out in life.
  • Your level of preparation precedes the level of your contribution.
  • Continuous increase  of  value leads to consistent increase of reward.
  • To serve your customers better is to save your business from failing.
  • To do what you have never done before, you must become someone you have never been before.
  • To have what you have never had before, you must do what you have never done before.
  • When you under-deliver in your results you get underpaid.
  • Customers service breeds cutomers loyalty.
  • The  extramile makes for an extraordinary service.
  • The “extramile route” is the most profitable way of becoming fortunate by attracting fortunes.
  • A lifestyle of service produces a lifetime reward.
  • When you are value-driven you drive profits.
  • When you seek for ways to  add value in all your dealings with people you become indispensable.

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