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  • When you lose control of your own life you lose out to negatve emotions.
  • A sense of control of your own life elevates your state of well-being.
  • Goals predicts the direction of change.
  • When you exercise control of your mind you exert control over your life.
  • Whatever you think and talk about most, will show up in your life the most.
  • When you fail to decide exactly what you want you are inclined in getting exactly what you don’t want.
  • To believe in luck is to lock self out of success domain.
  • Circumstances are the rulers of the weak but are the raising agent for the strong.
  • Clarify, prioritize and initiate actions to actualize your goals.
  • A dream list acted upon will enlist you with the achievers.
  • Strategic planning leads to systematic success.
  • To perform at your very best you must become your very best.
  • Review your plan each day to renew your commitment each day.

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