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MENTAL DIET: Unraveling The Authentic Brand Of Success (Part 2)

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If you had only six months to live what will you do with your life? How will you spend your time and with whom will you spend it? What character qualities will you develop and manifest? How will you spend your finances? What will be important to you? What dreams or goals will you pursue?  The answers to these questions reveal your essence.

Remember, every passing moment is a count-down to your departure on earth; maximize the moment.

Therefore, focus on your purpose, build your life around it and pour your life into it.

Growth, on the other hand, is a vital necessity for progress in life. Personal growth and development is continuous improvement in every aspect of life. Remember, when growth stops, decadence and death sets in. Until you grow and maximize your potentials you will never know your true value and this will result in poverty.

Until growth is in place, purpose cannot be maximized. Growing to release our potentials equates growing our success. The quality of your life depends on the level of growth you attain emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially. Growth is a vital necessity for a wholesome success.

We have all heard it said, “You need to pay the price to succeed.” Yes, I absolutely agree, we need to pay the price to obtain the prize.

However, we must thoughtfully consider the price that we are willing to pay in order to obtain the prize.

If we neglect our relationship with God, our health and family as part of the price to pay to obtain the prize, then we may ultimately obtain the prize at the expense of our relationship with God; our health or family. Thus, the prize becomes empty and futile at its best, leaving us miserable.

To succeed there are things you must give up and there are things you must never give up. You must give up excuses, the blame game, procrastination and a complaining attitude, and all forms of negativity in order to succeed because success flows through positive energy.


For success to become a way of life, personal growth and change must become a way of life.

To succeed you must never cease growing spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially and in your relationships. What you get depreciates and perishes in the using; what you are will outlive you.

Never strive to get rather strive to become because what you get is determined by what you become. The key to having more is to become more. 

Jim Rohn reveals, “To have more than you’ve got, become more than you are”.  

The key to having more is by becoming more. Financial income is regulated by self-development and self-concept determines the level of self-development.

What you get by deceit destroys you. What you get by greed enslaves you. What you get by luck you will lose. However, what you get by personal growth and development is sustained.

The key to succeeding is: creating more value with limited time. There is more, but you must become more to get more. Life gets better when you become better.

Mr. Shoaff states, “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for fewer problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less of a challenge, wish for more wisdom.”  

Success is established when you grow yourself and keep on growing above the circumstances of life.

Thrive on your uniqueness and you will not get lost in the crowd. Personal growth and development increase the value you create and determines the value you attract back to you.

The level of productivity corresponds to the level of personal growth and development. The driving wheel of personal growth and development is taking absolute responsibility for your life and the engine that keeps it moving is self-discipline.

Activate daily doses of self-discipline in a little measure and grow daily in it until you can take on large chunks of self-discipline in your personal growth journey. 

Don’t let limitations hold you back rather
drive through and strike out the limitations and you will break out and break through into the success domain.

To journey forward and upward in the success domain require consistent self-examination in order to remove self-imposed limitations that get on our way and tries to stop us.  

 “Others” is a very powerful word whenever success is mentioned. Until you help others succeed your own success will be a mirage. You are not really ahead in the game of life until you help someone else get ahead.

A self-centered life is a self-defeating life which strangulates destiny. Is your life a disaster looking for a place to happen? Or is your life a blessing looking for opportunities to bless?

Success is a team business; we need people to help us succeed and we must also help people to succeed.

No one can succeed alone, there must be an exchange of added value in all our dealings with others to keep the flow of the success cycle ever increasing and expanding.

Therefore, success is NOW. Take it on and live it out!

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