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Mental Diet: Say Yes To Life – SOAR! (Part 3)

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Since the beginning of time, it has never entered the consciousness of humankind that a man could actually step on the moon. In fact, a human being standing on the moon was ruled out as an impossibility.

However, a little boy’s imagination soared and he mentally saw himself stepping on the moon. He grew into manhood and accomplished the trailblazing feat and in reality, he became the first human being to step on the moon.

The legendary Neil Armstrong was interviewed after the historic feat, he said, “Ever since I was a little boy, I dreamed that I would do something important in aviation.”

People looked at their history to determine what was realistic but Neil Armstrong looked into his imagination to define what was realistic. The fact is: you create your reality by what you mentally see and what you mentally picture is what you believe and this shapes your actions and produces your reality.

You have two sets of eyes – eyesight and insight; physical eyes and mental eyes; the visible and the invisible. Your physical eyes see only the objective or material world and it has limited vision.  Your mental eyes see the invisible world and the capacity of its vision is unlimited.

When your life is ruled by your eyesight, you become subject to the limitations and problems of life; it is a life lived from the outside, which is a life doomed to frustration and failure.

When your life is ruled by insight, you become invincible and you perceive life from the limitless realm where solutions and answers abound, living life from the inside-out, which is a life of outflow of success and relevance. Your eyesight produces doubt in your mind over things that are not visible.

Your mental eyes stir up faith and see the invisible; creating ideas, solutions, and experiences into manifestation. Your mental eyes aid in the believing of possibilities; your physical eyes make for doubt of possibilities. Accommodate no doubt and you will double the rate of your success.

Once upon a time, a little girl had a dream of becoming Miss America. In 1994, she contested for the Miss Florida pageant and won the title of first runner-up. She contested for the same pageant the following year and won the same prize; first runner-up.


She moved to Kansas City and in 1997, she contested for the Miss Kansas pageant and won the title. That same year, she was crowned Miss America.

In an interview after the pageant, she revealed that she had been tempted to give up after losing twice in a row at the state-level competitions. However, Tara Holland took a profound action; she rented dozens of videos of local pageants, state pageants, Miss Teen, Miss Universe, and Miss World; she rented hundreds of videos of various pageants and watched them repeatedly.

As Tara viewed the videos, she built within her the picture of herself receiving the crown as she watched each woman crowned a winner in the videos. She built within herself a winning image. She was asked if she was nervous walking down the runway in front of millions of people watching on television, and with the announcer singing the Miss America song. Tara revealed, “No, I wasn’t nervous at all, you see, I had walked down that runway thousands of times before.”

 Here’s the catch, we create our reality by what we mentally see, and what we mentally see is what we really believe, and what we believe shapes our actions or performance and eventually creates our reality. In other words, your mental creation is your success blueprint that prints out your reality.

  • Mentally picture successfully accomplishing your set pursuit; act out the part of the winner and you will experience winning outcomes. Your dreams must be kept alive in your heart and mind lest they fade and die.
  • Create time for solitude and you will be engaging solid time in creating your destiny. Mental calmness eases mental clarity. Mental clutter shatters mental alertness.
  • Schedule time either in the evening or early in the morning when you won’t be distracted as it best suits you. Take away the pressure lid off your mind put your thinking cap on and get into the pleasure of exploring the possibilities you can create with your life. What are the dreams of your heart?
  • Make it specific and detailed. Mentally picture yourself already accomplishing your dreams and goals; see it, feel it, touch it, say it.
  • Before you step into a new week, visualize the successful accomplishment of your weekly goals.
  • Before you step into the day, visualize the successful accomplishment of your daily goals.

This practice should be a lifestyle, a part of your daily schedule. When you reflect on your dreams and goals, it will be reflected back into your life as your experience.   

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