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  • Work is here to stay and we must be aware of our responsibility to be efficient at it in order to work smarter.
  • The road to productivity is paved with the organization that makes for effectiveness.
  • Get your tools (whatever you use to help accomplish your goals) set to set up yourself for success.
  • Equip yourself with the best tools available to accomplish the best attainable result.
  • Organize your workplace to accelerate your work pace.
  • Put off non-essential items from your workspace and you will put off distractions.
  • When you unclutter your workspace you unclutter your mind.
  •  A comfortable work environment breeds comfort and forges high performance which makes for high levels of productivity.
  • A stacked desk lags performance.
  • Work on your top priority item and give it a top-notch performance, completing it and then moving on to the next thing.
  • Concentrating your efforts is your ability to ignite your power for accomplishments.
  • Put aside office politics, gossip, time-wasting, and socializing, and put absolute focus on dedicated work continuously improving on your best efforts.
  • Unsolicited report that illicit greater effectiveness and efficiency results in unsolicited promotion and reward.

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