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“Earn all you can save, save all you can, give all you can”.

  • John Wesley.  

Money flows toward a productive outlet that is beneficial to people. Money flows away from a frivolous outlet that benefits you. Money flows toward good management. Money flows away from poor management. Money flows toward the problem-solvers and abundance-thinkers.

Money flows away from the scarcity-thinkers and problem-avoiders. Money flows toward possibility-thinkers. Money flows away from limitation-thinkers. Money flows towards those who expect to be rich. Money flows away from those who expect to just survive. Money flows towards those who talk about prosperity. Money flows away from those who talk about lack.

Materialism is the state of being obsessed with money rather than the possession of money. Money becomes an obsession when money takes possession of your heart rather than possessing money.

  • When you are preoccupied with things debts become the occupant of your life.
  • When you are high on consumer debt you become deep in financial bankruptcy.
  • Money can’t buy happiness; money can only buy things that ease your life.
  • Money does not determine you rather money reveals you.
  • Debt only doubles the state of misery.
  • Money gives you more options to capture your destiny.
  • When you are envious of others you evict the flow of money from your life.
  • If you find your personal value in possessions you devalue yourself and degrade your destiny.
  • If you believe that money will make you happy you will be continually bereft of happiness.
  • Your earning capacity is a product of your learning capacity.
  • When you have the right perspective on money you will have a holistic view of life.
  • When you explore your talent you will exploit opportunities.
  • To discover your life purpose is to discover the avenues of your prosperity.
  • Plan for the future and you won’t despair about the future.
  • Stop incurring debt and you will stop incurring trouble.
  • Track your cash and you will trace wastages.
  • If you are a slave to possession you won’t enjoy the freedom that wealth brings.
  • Give generously for the higher good or causes if you want to attract higher rewards.
  • If you don’t put yourself on a budget you will put yourself in financial ruin.
  • Be contented with what you have and be grateful for what you’ve got while enlarging your vision and increasing your capacity for more.
  • Comparing yourself to others is pairing up self with failure.
  • To live modestly is to earnestly desire to grow your finances.

  The joy of living your best life is embedded in the practice of giving the best of yourself and what you have.

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