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  • The only permanence on earth is change, the only variable is your response to it and the consequence of change is evident in the quality of your life.
  • When you watch things happen, you’ll be swept as debris by the circumstances of life; when you let things happen, your life spirals out of control; when you wonder what happened, you become a spectator in life’s race; when you resist what happens, it persists; when you make things happen, significance is birthed.
  • Discomfort is the birthplace of change; comfort zone is the burial place of destinies.
  • The pain of change births the pleasure of improvement.
  • When you implement changes in your life, you impregnate your present to birth your future realities.
  • There are no escape routes to change, there are only entry points to change that leads to the delivery of the consequences of your choices.
  • You never lose your head when you lose your heart to the unchanging God to gain a heart full of assurance in changing times.
  • People fail not because seasons change but because they fail to recognize and focus on the purpose behind the seasons of life thereby mismanaging the times.
  • The most critical change occurs when you transition from who you are to who you were created to be.
  • Monuments should only be erected for the dead and not for the living because there are always untold territories to conquer by the human spirit.
  • To embrace the new, you must let go of the old; to lead change, you must forfeit limiting traditions.
  • When tradition threatens the progress of the future, truth or enduring principles must be upheld.
  • Positive change emanates when you interpret the past with insight, evaluate the present with hindsight and create the future with foresight.
  • Cut off relationships that cuts you off from your relationship with God and from maximizing destiny.
  • When you change your habits you change the course of your life and when you change the course of your life you change your destination.
  • We are living in the creative age when the world is transformed by the ingenuity of our minds therefore, our minds must be exercised lest we be ostracized; our minds must be guarded lest we become grounded; our minds must be filled with rich and positive deposits lest we become morally bankrupt; our minds must be stretched lest our lives become a stench; our minds must consistently grow and change to reach new ideals lest we become stunted and lose life’s deal. 

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