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“One of the most important ways of inspiring yourself is to talk to. Actually, the most important conversations you will have all day long are the ones you have with yourself. The most important opinion you have is the opinion you have of yourself. You can take control by directing your self-talk in a very positive way.”


Two men are told by doctors that they have prostate cancer and are given two years to live. One of the men accepts the doctor’s report and begins to wind up his affairs in preparation to die in the next two years.

 However, the other man communicates to himself that he cannot die of prostate cancer; that he has so much impact to make in the world and cannot afford to leave the stage of life at the time.

In fact, he affirms: “I will beat this; I am more than this; I will beat this at the cellular level”. He listened to healing tapes and meditated on the words. He went to every person he knew who had conquered cancer to hear their testimony. It’s over a decade and still counting; Les Brown is still alive, cancer-free, and is accomplishing his dreams like never before. 


Affirmation is the ability to behold persistently in the mind what you want to be; what you want to do; and what you want to have, accomplish, or experience in your life while upholding your words verbally expressed as already a reality.

Affirmation is confessing something as true, making a verbal declaration of what you believe as your reality.

Affirmation is a statement of belief. It is the confession of what you have embraced to be true for you.


Faith grows with confession or affirmation and manifests through your actions which create the reality of your confession. Conversely, fear also grows through negative affirmation or confession and eventually manifests as your reality.

What goes on between your ears determines what goes on in the timeline of your life. What proceeds from your mouth returns as the proceeds of your life according to their kind.

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