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Whatever you affix persistently in your mind and affirm in your words as factual or evidential you will attest to its manifestation in your life.

Once upon a time a woman who once had plenty of money, and a magnificent home surrounded by beautiful things, lost them all due to idle self-suggestions. She had  repeatedly affirmed, “I’m sick and tired of things – I wish I lived in a junk” and she added, “Today I am living in that trunk.”  Her self-talk or her negative affirmation became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In another true life story, a woman who had a great deal of money, joked continually about, “getting ready for the poor house,” and in a few years, she became almost destitute.

Whatever you keep saying to yourself you transmit it to the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind executes it as your reality or experience. It makes no difference if it was a “joke” or you had meant it.

Affirmation or self-talk could either be positive or negative. Whatever we affirm will dominate us and rule over our lives. Whatever we affirm we are confirming as the reality of our lives. Whatever we consistently affirm will continually build up in us manifest through us and be attracted to us.   

The kind of communication or conversations you have with yourself determines your connection to success or your disconnection from success. To turn on the changes you require in your life you must tune into the conversations that you have with yourself.

What you keep saying to yourself you eventually believe and what you believe you will behave. In other words, your self-talk determines what you believe, and what you believe determines your actions and even your inaction which produces the result or the outcome of your life.

When you clean up your self-talk you clear out self-limiting beliefs. Our minds are never silent so we must be resilient in clearing out the “weeds” of self-limiting beliefs and negativity from the garden of our minds by cleaning up our self-talk through the power of affirmation.


What kind of conversations do you have with yourself? You must examine your self-talk to elevate your sense of self-worth. Beholding in the mind and declaring with the mouth.

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