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I want to let you in on an open secret: 

You were designed to live an exceptional life.

You are meant to have more than enough of the good things in life because you are enough.

You are smart enough

You intelligent enough

You are good enough 

You are talented enough

You are attractive enough

You are valuable enough


It makes no difference what people may think or say that does not change your self-worth. Your net worth may change but your self-worth remains of inestimable value.

You may be broke but your value cannot be broken or destroyed by any circumstance of life: you may lose confidence but you cannot lose your unlimited potential. 

Do you think things are not working out in your life as you want them? Or do you feel stuck that there is more to life than you are currently experiencing?

The gap between where you are and where you want to be is the growth gap.

I’ll share an enlightening story:

Once upon a time, a man who loved gardening took his son on a trip through his garden. At the end of the trip, the man asked his son what he learned from the tour.

His son commended him on the enormous work he put into tending to the garden.

At that point, his Dad became somewhat impatient and said, “Son, I had hoped you would observe that as long as the vegetables were green, they were growing, but when they got ripe, they started to rot”.

That’s remarkable 

As long as there is personal growth, your destiny becomes desirable and admirable – You inspire.

However, when there is no personal growth, destiny begins to rot or stink and it begins with the mind and spreads to the circumstances of life.  

Do you have a plan to grow you? Or do you think you can keep going up without growing you?

Hard work does not take the place of personal growth – many people work hard but are experiencing a hard life.

Goals won’t take the place of personal growth – there are people even though they had goals but have plateaued.

Reaching more people can’t take the place of personal growth because reaching more people is not the same as reaching your potential.

To keep going forward in life you need to keep growing inward. 

To be intentional in the pursuit of personal growth is the preparation for living an exceptional life and also its actualization.

The changes you desire are embedded in the growth that you require. Nothing works effectively in life unless growth works out changes in a life. 

Until you have a workable plan for your personal growth real and sustainable success is not attainable. 

To become better at what you do you must become better at what you are. 

Growth is not just about reaching goals but rather it is all about reaching or fulfilling your destiny.

You improve your relationships by improving your personality; you gain depth and wisdom by renewing your mind with life-transforming ideas that elevate. 

You gain insights by getting a better and a higher perspective. You overcome obstacles by growing bigger than the obstacles. You improve your circumstances by improving yourself.  

Your growth potential is unlimited consequently your capacity and capability are limitless.

Activity may be motion without progress but improvement is motion that produces advancement.

The growth process is a personal responsibility and cannot be delegated. 

To accomplish big goals you must grow into the kind of person capable of actualizing big goals.

We don’t improve ourselves by simply living rather we improve ourselves by simply giving our best every day to the intentional pursuit of growth.

The 6 Key Areas of Personal Growth

1. Grow in Your Self-awareness.

2. Grow in Your Character.

3. Grow in Your Skills.

4. Grow in Your Relationships.

5. Grow in Your Knowledge of How

Money Works.

6. Grow Spiritually.

Action Plan!

1.       Create a workable plan for personal growth in the 6 key areas.

2.       Schedule time daily for personal growth – If it’s to be it is up to you.

3.       Start now to implement your growth plan and stay at it.

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