Supercharged: How To Win Big in Life

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  • When you grow your mind, you expand your capacity.
  • Do the important things daily and you won’t lose your sense of importance.
  • A defeatist mindset leads to inflicted destiny.
  • You are full of potential but you must empty it to your generation.
  • Never be a captive of your environment rather capture your dreams and change your environment to grow into your dreams.
  • You never gain sustainable progress when you master your job but fail to master yourself.
  • When you expand yourself, you expand your possibilities and opportunities.
  • Self-discipline is the key to unstoppable growth.
  • Consistency is the driving force of sustainable success.
  • In your personal growth never strive to win big lest you lose out but strive to build big by winning small and building up.
  • Patience and persistence are the twin drivers of accomplishment.
  • Sacrifice and dedicated work intelligently channeled overcomes the inertia of resistance to success.

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