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In aeronautics, the altitude of the airplane is what is called the position of the aircraft in relation to the horizon. When the airplane is ascending it has a nose-high attitude because the nose of the airplane is pointed above the horizon.

When the aircraft is diving, it is called a nose-down attitude. The altitude of the airplane indicates its performance. In fact, the performance of the airplane is dependent on its altitude, and in order to change the performance of the airplane the attitude of the airplane must be changed.

Instructors in flying teach “attitude flying” because the attitude of the airplane determines its performance. The same principle applies to human lives.

Your altitude determinant is your attitude.


  • Attitude is the outward expression of our inward impressions.
  • Attitude is our behavioral pattern that is reflective of our thought pattern.
  • Attitude is feeling expressed.
  • Attitude is your response to what is happening to you because of what is happening in you.
  • Attitude is the state of consciousness within that either attracts you positivity and possibilities while repelling negativity or it can attract negativity.
  • Attitudes are mental states that create material states or conditions of life.  
  • Attitude is the fruit of the seed of our character.

John Maxwell defines attitude as:

  • The librarian of our past.
  • The speaker of our present.
  • The prophet of our future.

Further definitions of attitude:

Your attitude qualifies your ability. Your ability is enhanced when your attitude is improved. Attitude can be sensed and seen and it becomes contagious as we come in contact with people.


The way you approach the world will determine the way the world will treat you and the way you approach the world is determined by your attitude.

Attitude can either be positive or negative. A positive attitude thrives in consistency and drives the quality of your life. Attitude is a choice we make every day rather than a gift bestowed upon us.

You have to work on your attitude if you want your attitude to work for you in delivering the life of your dreams. This super-exhilarating and destiny-altering series will show you how and so much more as you embark on your altitude journey which is determined by your attitude.

“Your attitude determines so much about how you will live your life and how far you will go in life”

  • Jim Rohn.

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