SUPERCHARGED: How To Build Your Destiny To Last

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What are you building in 2024?

What’s your dream house? What kind of house would you love to build or own if you had all the possibilities at your disposal – money, skills, manpower, technology, creativity, and every resource required to make it a reality?

Whatever your dream house may be, the kind of house you love to own and its sustainability will only be made possible with the right kind of foundation fitted for it – no more, no less.

So it applies, our lives can be likened to a building in which we are the builders under God who is the Master Builder. We alone determine what we will make out of our lives. 

The deeper our roots, the greater will be the height of our influence in the world.

To drive this concept deeper within you, I will share with you the amazing story of how the Chinese Bamboo plant grows.  

“The Chinese Bamboo plant starts from a tiny


You plant the seed in the dirt, and you


water the seed. Very little happens in the

first year.

Despite your efforts, only a tiny shoot

pokes out of the ground.

So…the second year you water and fertilize and

protect the seed…nothing happens.

So…the third year you water and fertilize and

protect the seed…nothing happens.

So…the fourth year you water and fertilize and

protect the seed…nothing happens.

So…the fifth year you water and fertilize and

protect the seed…finally, during the fifth year,

the Chinese Bamboo plant begins to grow. It grows 90 feet tall in just six weeks!

The question is, did it grow 90 feet in six weeks

or five years? The answer, of course, is that it

grew 90 feet in five years. It took five years to

grow the root system that would one day support

a 90-foot plant”.

That’s amazing.

You grow upward by taking root inward and the root is the sustainability factor.

Here’s the catch, 

Your character is the root or foundation of your destiny. How high you want to build your destiny is determined by the depth of the foundation. 

Attempting to build a high towering destiny on a foundation that can only support a bungalow is foolhardy because there will be inevitably a destiny collapse or wreckage.

The value of your character determines the worth of your destiny. 

To focus on professional capacity while neglecting character development is expanding your capacity to fail in your relationships and even in your career.

Focusing too much on competence and too little on character will bring about too much crisis in your destiny and too little harmony in your life.

The value of your character determines the worth of your destiny.

Values are the bedrock of character and character is the foundation of success.

– Character is thoughts concealed and revealed through action at an opportune moment or time.

– Character is the expression of your moral and mental state.

– Character is what you are

– Character is what you do when no one is watching or will ever know.

– Character is walking your talk rather than just talking.

– Character is putting action ahead of what you say.

– Character is living it out rather than talking it out loud.

To live above board you must live by a higher standard across the board.

Where motion goes emotion follows.

You don’t need to feel right to do right rather when you do right you feel right which makes your life turn out right.  

The root of character is strengthened or weakened in the privacy of your life. 

What we do or fail to do in the privacy of our daily lives will show up in who we are becoming. 

If you neglect your heart, mind, and soul you are choosing a depraved and debased life.

To win on the outside you must first win on the inside.

– Never strive to “look good” on the outside rather focus on becoming better on the inside and the outside will manifest what is on the inside. 

You must keep doing the inside work in your heart,  mind, and soul for a sustained change in behavior.

 In other words, being precedes doing to be able to live a higher life that supports towering heights of influence and sustains your destiny at its ever-heightening peak

Doing all the right things without doing the right work on the inside (your heart, mind, and soul) will never yield sustainable progress.

The Success Equation:

Wrong motives + right motion = Short-term success.

Wrong motives + wrong motion = Outright failure of eventual outcome.

Right motives + wrong motion = mistakes.

Right motives + right motion = Sustainable success or outcome.

Until you get the inside right your life will not turn out right. A rock-solid character is the right foundation for sustainable success in every ramification of life.

What happens to you may be out of your control however, what happens within you is always in your control and is determined through the power of choice.

The 4 Character Components:

i. Values – What’s important to you; it is the framework in which your choices are based.

ii. Thinking – Impressing the ideas of your values in your mind is an integral part of your thinking.

iii. Feeling – The desire to live your values.

iv. Action – Your choice to implement your values in any given situation.

Ponder on the words of John Maxwell, “If we desire to grow and reach our potential, must pay more attention to our character than to our success. We  must recognize that personal growth means more than expanding our minds and adding to our skills. It means increasing your capacity as a human being. It means maintaining core integrity, even when it hurts. It means being who we should be, not just where we want to be. It means maturing our souls.” 


1. Think through and identify the good values you want to live by.

2. Write them down in the order of their importance.

3. Strategize and visualize how to consistently align your thinking, feelings, and actions with your values.

4. Practice the Golden Rule in all your relationships and dealings with people.

“Here is a simple, rule-of-thumb guide for behavior: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them.”

Jesus Christ (Mathew 7: 12 – The Message Bible)

5. Look for ways to serve others beginning with your family or those closest to you.

6. Spend more money on things that elevate the quality of the soul than you do on your outward appearance.
7. Spend more time maturing your soul rather than living a life of indulgence.

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