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He was a painter and had never handled clay in his life. He became the newly elected President of the Society of Arts and Sciences and they planned to give a medal to Thomas Edison.

The artist who was to sculpt the portrait for the medal disappointed them. And the painter decided to do it himself.

“It was very unwise for me to do, perhaps, because, with such a great man as Edison as my subject, I might not have survived a failure.”

He stated. “But I never let the thought of failure enter my mind. My knowledge of my unity with the Universal One and the fact that I must do this thing, and the inspired belief, that I should do it as a demonstration of my belief in man’s unlimited power, made me ignore the difficulties that lay in the way” he revealed.


He headed for Florida with a mass of Clay. On his way, he did not allow his mind to wander off his goal but he took control of his mind and engaged in inspirational meditation with God’s Mind in order to be able to draw the unlimited power and wisdom within to produce a masterpiece.

He affirmed, “I knew in advance, from long experience in trying to achieve the unachievable, that meditation and communion between me and Universal Self was the only way to achieve that impossibility.”

Walter Russell accomplished his task and it was one of the greatest mileposts in his career.


Meditation means to think on, ponder upon, and mutter to oneself or picture in the mind. Meditation is concentrating your thoughts on a particular subject matter until you become soaked up with insight and revelation; you become saturated with the understanding that births wisdom.

The peak of meditation is Truth revealed and oneness with Truth. Meditation is dwelling in thought upon an object of focus and whatever you dwell upon you bring about. Moments of meditation are moments of creation.


Meditation in itself is not strange to us. Whenever we are worried or anxious we are engaging in meditation-we are meditating on the problem. We conform to whatever we meditate upon; whatever fills our minds will fill our lives. In other words, we become more like whatever we meditate upon.

If we meditate on poverty, we become poor; if we meditate on wealth we become wealthy irrespective of the economic climate; if we meditate on selfish and base desires we become selfish and corrupt; if we meditate on purity and excellence we manifest nobility and excellence. It is obvious that we all do meditate either unconsciously or consciously.

To control your mind and ultimately your life you must become aware of the thoughts going through your mind. Stop periodically to think about what you are thinking about; ask yourself: What were my thoughts in the last couple of hours? And change the direction of your thoughts if they were negative.


The practice of deliberate or spiritual meditation is the access route to the treasures of life.

During meditation time life’s purpose is discovered, ideas are birthed, the direction is impressed, prayers get answered and your spirit and mind are awakened to receive from the storehouse of infinite supply. 

Personally, I call my meditation time a “moment of aloneness”; it is where my mind communes with the Divine Mind where perfect ideas abound and I tap into the ceaseless flow of unending supplies.

Meditation is the way out of pain to peace; it is the way out of error to truth; it is the way out of suffering to bliss. The focal point of meditation should revolve around truth and love that is centered on the Life principle.


The Bible which is not a religious book but rather is the guaranteed blueprint for a maximized life is the greatest book to meditate upon.

If you have been overtaken with any vice, meditate on its corresponding virtue. Meditate on love, forgiveness, generosity, and gentleness, and you will rise above the lower life into the realm of the higher life.

You can study the life of Jesus; His teachings, His manner and conduct, His attitude and lifestyle and meditate on it, you will be amazed that as you meditate habitually on the person of Jesus you will become more like Him, living the highest kind of life which is superabundant in quality and quantity. 

Early in the morning is ideal meditation time. However, you can choose the time that suits you; the most important thing is to allocate a specific time period for daily meditation.

Meditate on the ideal person you want to be; the ideal dream you want to accomplish and the ideal things you want to have as long as it is founded on truth and love. Providence steps in to help you in actualizing it.

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