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Courage is the womb of all virtues. Fear traps the will and destroys the soul. Courage is the powerhouse of life that empowers the will to exploit accomplishments. It takes a strong will to pull down the mountain of fear; fear is terrible but you must be tenacious.  To be sold on your dreams is to sail on despite the tempest of fear. When fear rages it desires to give you the wages of failure. You must be strong-willed to conquer the strength of fear.

Lack of inner strength is a product of lack of will and lack of will produces fearful lives. Will-power is the power needed to drive through your dreams fearlessly.

It takes courage to live out your convictions in the midst of moral compromise. It takes courage to stand for what is right and what is wise in the midst of momentary loss. It takes courage to be value-driven rather than crowd-driven.

It takes courage to love selflessly in spite of the selfish behavior of others. It takes courage to conquer hatred with love. It takes courage to uphold a noble cause in the midst of massive disapproval from people.  Indeed, true manhood and womanhood are the reserve of those whose lives are distinct; powered by the courage to live by noble convictions.

To be fear-bound is to shortchange the essence of your being. To be fear-bound is to be bonded with moral compromise. The spell of fear spells doom to charting a noble cause for your life. Courage secures a permanent win in the game of life. The fear ordeal steals the ideal.

Thought habits produce the habitation of courage or the habitat of fear-it’s all in the mind. Fear stirs up self-destructive behavior that steers life off course.

When you cultivate the will to be free from fear; fear withers away from its roots.      

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