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Fear must be overcome from the on-set before it keeps you in its onslaught. Strike fear with God’s Word and you will strike out into courageous living. Fear is the greatest foe of mankind that bows to the name of Jesus through the force of faith. If fear must be ostracized from your life then self-discipline must be exercised.

To be fearless is to have a ceaseless triumph in life. The saying, “fortune favors the brave” holds true and it also seems that “misfortune overcomes the fearful.”  Therefore, boldness banishes fear and vanquishes the misfortunes of life through the victor’s mentality.

To be miserable is to be feeble minded and to be feeble minded is to be fearful. When you flood your heart with love for all; then love flushes out all fears.  In the realms of unconditional love, courage reigns and fear is defeated. In the arena of selfishness, fear rules and enslaves.

As Saint John asserts, “Perfect love cast out fear” It opines, where unconditional love is being lived out, fear is ruled out. When you live in the consciousness of the Divinity within, you live above the consciousness of fear.

The consciousness of God’s presence within you and with you dispels the presence of fear. Fear is a crippling force that annihilates the joy of living. Holding onto fear is holding onto the dark cloud of ignorance. To let go of fear is to experience a liberating life. Fear thrives in a darkened or ignorant mind. When you become spiritually awakened and your mind becomes enlightened with Truth or the knowledge of the Truth, it weakens and withers away fear and wakens up the strength of conviction and the strength of conviction produces courage.

Prisoners of fear become victims of fate and the key to freedom is knowledge. Fear is nothing real unless we esteem it as something in reality. When we set fear aside, we lay aside the weight that traps us down and makes us slide into failure.

Fear is a negatively inbuilt magnifying lens which magnifies conditions, circumstances, faults, weaknesses, and problems. Fear is also a distorted lens that distorts the truth, producing falsehood and deception.

When you keep your mind and actions working on accomplishing your goals and dreams you walk out fear from your life.



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