The mind is the control center of life out of which the quality of life flows. The imagination is the creative workshop of life. The mind creates conditions of life; it creates the condition of peace or strife and conflict. The condition of peace is a product of inner peace and in an atmosphere of peace exist freedom from fear. A fearless mind is a peaceful mind and a peaceful mind is a fearless mind. And to still the mind is to control the mind. The greatest challenge is to still the mind.  

A wandering mind wanders off course to the fear zone. When you have conquered the territory of the mind, you have conquered the hostility of fear. Inner tranquility launches you into higher levels of creativity. The state of inner calmness claims a courageous identity, and a courageous identity lives with dignity, free from the bondage of fear.

The mind is controlled through meditation. Meditation means to ponder on; reflect on; mutter to oneself. It is a vital necessity to create time daily to feed the mind with positive, good, clean and relevant information from the written pages and the spoken words; meditate upon; ponder upon and concentrate your mind upon these positive information. You can utter aloud some positive affirmations daily so that positivity and possibility can be further impressed upon your subconscious mind which builds up confidence and stirs up courage. Most importantly is it to meditate daily on God’s Word; confess its promises aloud; this singular habitual action will build up your faith and make you to become all that you were created to be.


Emotional stability stabilizes life. Mental relaxation eases out stress. When we focus the mind on positivity and possibilities we infuse courage within.

Selfish thoughts sell our birthright of inner peace and the absence of inner peace is the presence of fear. To buy back our birthright of inner peace is to back off from a life of selfishness and buy into selfless living; gaining the freedom from fear and the reward of courage. And the reward of courage equips you to become all that you were created to be.

You either submit to your fears or your fears are subject to you. Fear paralyzes the will that is not subject to the Divine will. Fear is a merciless master that takes the help of a merciful God to conquer it.  Courage is the soul’s code for triumphant living.



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