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The aim of life is not to make a living but to make a difference. The measure of life is not in how long you have lived but in how much you have shared the life you have been given. The reward of life is not in how much money you have accumulated but in how many lives you have positively influenced.

The beauty of life is not found in the fantasies of life rather the beauty of life is found in a large heart of love. The size of your destiny is not determined by how famous you are rather the size of your destiny is determined by the size of your heart. The meaning of life is not found in recognition rather the meaning of life is found in your contribution to life. T

he mark of a great life is not found in the weight of your credentials rather the mark of a great life is found in deeds motivated by love. The prize of life is not won by the smartest rather the prize of life is won by those who have made it their life’s mission to help others succeed. You can only get ahead in life when you help someone else get ahead.

Life bestows true riches to those who live beyond themselves to enrich the lives of others. Life’s clarion call to true riches is an expansive living, fully enriched with all the things money cannot buy and many of the things that money can buy. Until life is lived generously, life will be wasted on trivialities.

The more you share of yourself the more you receive of life and the more you will have to share unceasingly. Until you learn to give beyond yourself, your life will never outlive you. Until you share what you have you lose what you have. What you hoard will hurt you. What you give out will come back to you. What you share increases in use.



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Udeme Archibong is a prolific writer, an astute communicator and a model of excellence. Her writings have made profound impact on thousands of lives around the world through her blog:, which has followings in over 70 countries in continents of the world.

She is a Self-Development Expert, who passionately works towards helping people maximize their destinies.

At some point, she was a motivational columnist, writing Success Recipe and Destiny Catalyst, for two Nigerian national newspapers, Vanguard and ThisDay, respectively. She is the initiator of the Revolution Series Seminars


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