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MENTAL DIET: Say Yes To Life – SOAR!

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A certain girl went to a director of an Opera to have her voice tested. However, he bluntly refused to test the girl’s voice.

The director took a critical look at the awkward and poorly dressed girl, and he exclaimed, “With such a face, and with no personality at all, how can you ever expect to succeed in opera? My good child, give up the idea. Buy a sewing machine, and go to work. You can never be a singer.”

The girl grew up to become a genius – a musical genius. Hidden within an unattractive face and an awkward personality was an intense desire to birth the dream of becoming an outstanding singer.

The director of the Opera expressed his verdict but the girl deeply impressed her vision with a burning desire, and with time her vision was expressed.

Here’s the catch, the girl decided to focus on what she wanted; to become an Opera singer and not on her supposedly limitations.

She decided not to buy into the Director’s opinion of her personality and her abilities; she decided to give an empowering meaning or interpretation of the incident.

She decided to take consistent, focused, and purposeful action in the direction of her dreams in order to create the result she desired.

Never live down to the opinions of others rather live up to your dreams. Get past the naysayers into the gainsaying of your heart.

When the world says, “No”; say, “Yes” to your dreams. When the world says, “No”; say, “Yes” to the convictions of your heart.


When the world looks down on you, look up and press on towards your dreams. When the world says, “You can’t”; say to yourself, “It’s possible, I can and I will”.

When the world tries to stop you, tap into the invincible Power within and steer your course.

When the world sets limits on you, spread your “wings” and soar above the limitations into the limitless heights that the world cannot reach yet reaches out to make room for you because you become too relevant to be ignored.

You never get started when you don’t know where to begin; you never begin when you don’t know where you are; you never know where you are when you don’t know where you are going; you never reach where you are going until you get started.

Everything in life is held static until a force is applied. Destiny becomes progressive when a mental force is applied.

A mental force is applied when there is a dream formation in the state of the mind. The greater the dimension and scope of the dream formation on the state of the mind, the greater the intensity of the mental force applied and the more momentum it garners to lift destiny to soaring heights.

Life deals you with crumbs when you have no deal to strike out with life. Life opens up its vault of valuables when you bargain with life for abundance.

Your bargain with life raises or lowers the bar of accomplishment and sets the pace for the proportion of the gains you receive from life.

What you want out of life determines what you get out of life. What you get out of life is determined by what you are willing to give to life.

Adulthood may have programmed us to lock ourselves in the cycle of limitations based on our past experiences and the experiences of others.

We need to break out of the cycle of limitations and let go of our excuses to remain where we are.

However, we must become like little children in our dreams and aspirations-believing and mentally picturing only possibilities and positivity.

Compared to what we can be, we have not even scratched the surface of the goldmine within. Depart from the survival zone and enter the dream living zone.  

  • What kind of person do you want to be?
  • What will you no longer tolerate in your life?
  • What do you want to accomplish in your life?
  • What do you want to have in the course of your destiny?
  • Decide on what you want in each area of life; write it down.
  • Give it a deadline or a time frame.
  • Write down a plan on how you are going to accomplish it but let your plans be flexible or adjustable; at times you may not even know how you are going to accomplish some of your goals but when you hold onto the mental picture of your desired outcome and step out, Life will provide the answers.
  • What can you do now to move you closer to your goals?
  • Get into a space of action each day by engaging in actions that move you in the direction of your goals.
  • More importantly, continually work on you to grow and develop yourself into the person that will attract your goals or dreams and bring it into manifestation.

Remember, to get ahead you must move ahead with goals; to become an inspiration you must have inspiring goals.

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