SUPERCHARGE: How To Gain Personal Growth And Development

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Accomplishments will never take the place of personal growth, there are many people who have accomplished things but are no longer relevant.

Hard work can’t take the place of personal growth; there are many hard workers who are not making significant progress.

Goals will never take the place of personal growth; there are many goal-oriented people who have plateaued.

Personal growth is the master key that unlocks the door of consistent advancement in the domain of life in all ramifications.

  • Personal growth is made to happen, it doesn’t just happen.
  • Until you have the plan to become better you resort to a plain life.
  • Working hard doesn’t guarantee success rather personal growth delivers success.
  • You get better at what you do by becoming better at what you are.
  • You improve your relationships with people by improving the quality of your personality.
  • The quality and level of the impact you make in the lives of others are determined by the quality and level of investment you’ve made in your personality through personal growth and development.
  • To gain more depth and wisdom as a person you must gain depth in your personal growth and development.
  • You overcome obstacles by growing bigger than the obstacle.
  • You don’t wait for things to get better you work out things to get better through wisdom which is a product of personal growth.
  • You must be willing to invest a fortune in your personal growth if you want to be called fortunate in the domain of life.
  • A lifestyle of self-education and training in discipline opens you up to a lifetime of personal growth and development.
  • The gap between where you are and where you want to be is the personal growth and development gap.  

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