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You are not your thoughts. The very fact that you can think about what you are thinking about makes you separate from your thoughts. However, you are a product of your thoughts.

You are a magnificent being with unlimited potential and your mind is a magnetic force field that attracts into your life the people, events, circumstances, ideas, and resources that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts. And best of all, you have absolute control over your mind.

In fact, the mind is the only thing over which you have exclusive and absolute control over and with your mind resides almost unlimited power that has been the marvel of the ages which has transformed the world and changed the course of human lives and also in some cases have destroyed human lives and degraded the world.

The real deal is to gain control over the most powerful magnetic field of the unlimited territory of the mind and harness this untold power for the greatest good and highest cause possible that will elevate yourself and humanity. To do the contrary is to self-sabotage because there is a law of the seed that governs the universe.

We can get to choose the seeds we sow but it is outside our power or control to choose the harvest that we attract into our lives. And we all know that the kind of seeds and also the quantity of seeds sown determines the quality and quantity of harvest reaped.

Our thoughts, words, and actions are seeds that attract the outcome or harvest of our lives in every ramification. The good news is that we can create our future harvests by sowing the rights seeds onward.   

Control the influences that you allow into your mind and gain control over the unlimited territory of the mind by taking absolute responsibility for the way you think and the results that flow from it. Recreate your world with your Mind Power!

  • The future opens up when you close the door of your past.
  • Failure thoughts allowed in the mind are failing experiences perpetuated.
  • Your staying power is your success power.
  • When you unlock your mental powers you unleash your actual prowess for great accomplishments.
  • Your habitual ways of thinking produce your habitual condition of life.
  • Thoughts are the creative forces of life that forge reality.
  • A magnet for good luck is a signet of good thoughts.
  • When you maximize the moment you create opportunity for tomorrow.
  • We behave what we believe and we become what we believe.
  • Your belief system creates your worldview.
  • Your beliefs determine what you see and how you see it.
  • The seeds of your thoughts produce the fruits of your life.
  • Self-limiting beliefs are the real limiting conditions of life.
  • Positive expectancy is the antidote to the lingering malignancy of life.
  • Expectations are the crucible that shapes attitude.
  • Your outer world images your inner world.
  • The way you are shapes what you see and the way you see.
  • What you create in your mind attracts what you experience in life.
  • Your potential is unlimited because the power to choose your thoughts is inhibited.
  • Your future is determined by your focus.
  • You cannot control the entire world but you can control your inner world-your mental and emotional world and your behavior and that’s what’s required to recreate your world.
  • The information that you permit into your mind can either lead to the formation the deformation of your destiny.
  • The influences you permit into your mind can either infect you or effect progressive changes in your life.
  • The power of suggestion is the force of infusion that can either lead to the progression or retrogression of the consciousness you function from and the level of consciousness you function from determines the quality of your life and the quality of difference you make in the domain of life.  


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