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“Relationships are essential; the more people who know you and think of you in a positive way, the more opportunities you will have to achieve your goals.”

  • The Law of Relationships.

“You inevitably attract into your life the people and circumstances in harmony with your dominant thoughts.”

  • The Law of Attraction.

“You automatically drive away or repel people and circumstances that are not in harmony with your dominant thoughts.”

  • The Law of Repulsion.

“Most often you get what you want with other people indirectly rather than directly.”

  • The Law of Indirect Effort.

“The more you give of yourself without expectation of return, the more that will come back to you from the most unexpected sources”

  • The Law of Giving.

“The more people believe you and trust you, the easier it is for them to work with you and do business with you.”

  • The Law of Credibility.

“The more a person likes you, the easier it is for you to influence him or her in some way.”

  • The Principle of Liking.
  • “If you do something for another person, that other person will want to do something for you. He will want to reciprocate in some way so that he does not feel a sense of obligation.”

–           The Law of Reciprocity.



Do we treat other people with love? Even when they least deserve it? Does our attitude and behavior towards others reflect consideration and respect for their thoughts and feelings? Or are we nonchalant about how they feel? When dealing with people, do we use our hearts, or do we use our heads?

Do we see and treat our spouse and children as royalty, or do we see and treat them as less than worthy? Do we respond with love and humility to the needs of others? Or do we close our hearts to their needs and react with pride? Do we make our home a place of solace and heaven on earth? Or do we make our home a place of conflict and criticism, a competitive arena, where all hell is let loose?

Do we look down on people? Or do we give them something to live up to? Are our hands an extension of God’s hands, touching their lives? Or are our hands an extension of greed, marring their lives? Are we constantly competing with others? Or do we compliment them? Do we see their success as a threat to our own? Or do we see that the sky is vast enough that everyone can fly?

Are our emotional lives and destinies sabotaged by how people treat us? Or do our emotional lives soar above the opinions and treatment of others? Are we channels of blessings? Or are we reservoirs of selfishness? Are we centered on making a living or making a life? Can God count on us to make a difference in human lives? Or can the devil count on us to wreck the difference in human lives?

The key to unlocking these answers is to live by the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Finally, consider the words of Zig Ziglar: “It’s a sobering thought because we hold the key to the future of others. We don’t live alone. Our actions and deeds affect others, many of whom we will never know.”

  • The quality of your relationships influences the quality of your life.
  • When you expand your network of contacts and relationships you widen the scope of your opportunities for advancement.
  • Every real change begins in you and with you; every progressing change will involve other people.
  • The more good relationships you have the more goodwill flow toward you.
  •  The more helpful people you know the more open doors of opportunities you will access.
  • Your personality and gifts must be consistently developed and refined to attract and retain what you have attained through your connections with the right people.
  • Your mind is a magnetic force field that attracts people of a similar mental force field (positive or negative) to you according to your dominating thought pattern.
  • When you focus on attracting key people you become a key player in the game of life.
  • Be on the lookout to add value to people and people will look for your friendship.
  • Compliments are ingredients for creating goodwill.
  • Look for ways to congratulate, compliment, and celebrate people on their accomplishments, success, right decisions, etc and you will find your way to people’s hearts.
  • Look for ways to do things for people without strings attached and you will find yourself advancing in the arena of success.
  • Sow good thoughts, good ideas and good feelings in your relationship with others and you will reap good cooperation from people to succeed.
  • The personal relationships you attract into your life are reflective of what you really are on the inside-your beliefs, values and attitude.
  • Get out and meet people for a head start to meet with success.
  • Likability is the key to your rise-ability.
  • When you build credibility with people you are building a viable structure of successful relationships with people.
  • Everything you do either enhances your credibility or tarnishes it.
  • Expand your contacts and you will expand your success reach.
  • Greater accomplishments are the reserve of those who build more and better relationships and are respected and known by a greater number of people.

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