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An energized life is vital to a maximized destiny. A high productivity level is a product of a high energy level – physical and mental energy. To move ahead you need to surge with energy. A high energy level is a product of sound health and sound health is the offspring of healthy habits.

The flow of your actions is reflective of the flow of your energy, in the presence of low-energy level abilities atrophy and success wither. Just like pain, a low energy level is a warning signal that your health is at risk and needs urgent attention in addressing the cause in order to stop it from retrogressing into no energy which is death.

The World Health Organization defines health “as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Health is having a clear and refreshed mind; energized body; happy and upbeat; inner peace and zest for life with freedom from emotional baggage.

In light of this, to be healthy is the normal state of being; to be unhealthy is the abnormal state of life. The body is self-maintaining in nature. Every single cell in your body is subject to your thoughts and feelings and your eating habits can either eat up your health or it can ease up your health.

Likewise, your lifestyle can either life-up physical and mental energy or it can deplete your health or energy gradually but surely. A consistent negative lifestyle is resistance to good health.

Thought energy permeates every cell of the body and the bloodstream, it mixes with every particle of food and it is on the foundation of these thought energies (positive or negative) that the cells and tissues of the body system operate upon.

When your mind is controlled and disciplined; thinking right and believing right; orderly and calm thoughts, your body system functions effectively. Harmonious thinking revitalizes our cells to function harmoniously.  

  • A proper diet is required to prosper in health.
  • The right foods in the right balance and in the right combination are the right-sized prerequisites for optimized energy levels.
  • Lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods guard against loss of health or energy.
  • High-quality and lean protein promotes the buildup of cells and energy.
  • High-Fats diets are the fast track to health problems.
  • A low-fat diet with fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products produces the flow of energy.
  • Drinking lots of water hydrates the body system and heightens energy.
  • Increase your daily water intake until your urine becomes white or mild yellow for the body take-up of increased energy and the take-off of high performance.
  • White sugar, white flour, and white salt are the 3 weakness-inducing agents that have weakened energy and wrecked health – beware of them by being aware of using them at a low quantity level.
  • Canned foods are tarnished foods that banish health from the body.
  • Fatty, sugary, salty foods are the trademark of the dainty foods that deteriorates the body system.
  • Watch out for your weight if you want to catch up with sound health, happiness, and long life.
  • Regular exercise is exercised right for sustained levels of energy and stamina.
  •  Lots of rest and recreation recreates your body system for a high level of productivity and guards against loss from exhaustion and burnout.
  • Vitamins and mineral supplements are boosters of energy levels and must be taken according to the doctor’s prescription.
  • Health consciousness precedes health reality.
  • Overeating overworks the heart, livers, kidneys, and the sewer system which works out a debilitating process in the body system.
  • When your mind is renewed your body becomes revamped.
  • When you think and talk about sound health, you will live in terms of sound physical health for whatever the mind dwells upon forms the wellspring of your existence.
  • Meal times should be with harmonious states of mind full of gratitude for having received and love which is necessary for the effective assimilation and digestion of the food.
  • Liquor liquidates sound health.
  • Get rid of negative thoughts which produce negative emotions such as fear, jealousy, hatred, worry, etc if you want to reap sound physical and mental health and gain high energy.  
  • Toxicity in the body system cannot cope with a mind full of hope and hope is found in living on purpose, for a purpose, and with a purpose that elevates humanity.

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