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  • Your willingness to help someone solve their problem is the wheel  that advances your life.
  • Problem solving skill is a vital tool in  your success kit.
  • Success is attracted to those who become a solution to a problem and the greater the problem you can creatively solve, the greater the success you attract.
  • Until you really know your business and absolutely believe in your business, you have no business being in that business because you will be unable to thrive in that business.
  • You cannot really be effective in selling a product you are not using.
  • Until product knowledge and understanding is in place, confidence will be out of place and sales will far-fetched.
  • When people cannot count on your integrity, count yourself out of business.
  • Truthfulness will secure customers/clients loyalty more than any other factor.
  • Money, position and status gives superficial respect but it is the quality of your character that breeds genuine respect from people.
  • Accessibility is key to profitability.

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