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  • Considering others before self is the first step to effective leadership.
  • To think ahead is to forge ahead in your leadership capacity.
  • The quantity and quality of your investment in self will determine the quality of your leadership and contribution to life.
  • How you see yourself determines how much you will invest in yourself.
  • Your leadership advancement hinges on your ability to believe in yourself and recognize your potentials.
  • How you see your future determines the level of preparedness to create and seize the future.
  • When your inner circle seek to stop your cycle of growth, you must change your inner circle and choose supportive inner circle that inspire cycles of personal growth and development.
  • Daily motives check is an essential practice to be genuinely interested in others acting to their advantage rather than taking advantage of others.
  • Your ability to help others is your ability to grow in leadership.
  •  Your ability to care for others is your ability to connect deeply with others and influence them.
  • Your ability to be trustworthy creates reliability in leadership which leads to longevity in leadership.  

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