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  • Pride is a ride to a fall.
  • When you disregard the ideas of others you regard folly.
  • When people often feel put-down by you, you let down the honor of leadership and put down payment for your setback.
  • The greatest pitfall of leadership is a weak character.
  • When a leader feels less his or her leadership becomes a loss.
  • When you keep information from your staff in order to “hold onto” your position you keep them deformed to underperform and you hold onto mediocrity at its worst.
  • The rules also apply to leaders despite the leadership role, to break the rule on the basis of feeling of superiority is to break faith with people towards your leadership which rules out authentic leadership.
  • If it bothers you when others grow in knowledge and position then you are at the border of losing out of the order of leadership success.
  • When a leader always place the blame on others when things go wrong they place themselves in the wrong lane of failure.
  • When you are willing to shave the truth in order to get out of a tough spot you shave out the dignity of leadership and position yourself in an ignoble spot.  

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