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  • Personal leadership leads to success in every ramification of life.
  • Genuine influence is rooted in self-leadership.
  • How well you lead yourself will determine how well you will lead others.
  • When we see ourselves by our intentions while we see others in the light of their actions we develop blind spots which makes our lives become spotted with problems transcending through our actions to mar the people in our sphere of influence.
  • Anyone who thinks he or she is always right has no right to lead others.
  • When you see things from different points of view you enlarge your capacity to see the bigger perspective which informs your choices and forms your ability to lead well.
  • A leader who worries about what others think of him only leaves people wary and weary of his leadership.
  • When you have a hard time giving credit to others you will have a hard time establishing credibility as a leader.
  • When you become threatened by the growth of others you reveal a weakness that will keep you down in life.
  • Insecure leaders only secures a limiting world for those under their influence.

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