SUPERCHARGED: How To Lead Effectively

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  • When we play to our strengths we play the game of life to win.
  • Make everyday a masterpiece and your future will not be shattered into pieces.
  • When you make each day count you make youir life count.
  • When you bring God into the picture everyday success features in your life.
  • When you build healthy relationships with people you build leadership success.
  • The ability to effectively communicate and connect with people is a core skill of effective leadership.
  • Give attention daily to your faith, family, relationships, mission and your health and you will grow and attain real success.
  • Invest your time, wisdom and resources in people who really wants to grow and truly wants to make a difference and you will be raising emerging leaders and multiplying your impact.
  • A leader who does not regularly self-examine is one who self-exterminates and terminates the progressive destinies of followers.
  • A winning team is that which completes one another rather than compete with each other and the “We” and “You” language communicates a winning team while the “I” and “Me” language represents a losing team.

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