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  • Everything is not all about a leader but rather everything is about the highest good of all.
  • Leadership becomes “accredited” when credit is given to the people that contributed towards your success or accomplishments.
  • The leader that outshines is the one who allows others to shine.
  • The power of leadership is the ability to empower others to excel.
  • Authenticity is the audacity of leadership that authorizes influence.
  • Leaders who do what they were created for, take up a purpose that is bigger than them and in order to fulfill their purpose they must be empty of self and be full of their Purpose.
  • To maintain humility is to maintain stability in leadership.
  • Leadership atrophies in the comfort zone but blooms in the strength zone.
  • A fully committed team makes the dream work and a fully effective leader creates a fully committed team.
  • The team works when the leader works to create the culture of encouragement and support.
  • When team players seize every opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate each others contribution they are pulled together to form a winning team.
  • When adversity  envelopes, it is an opportunity for character to develop.

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